Thursday, April 23, 2020

He Lives in Hope

Raleigh is still battling whatever malady assailed him a week and a half ago. He doesn’t feel like playing and his appetite is diminished. I was able to get him some Mirtazapin, to stimulate his appetite, in transdermal cream, to be rubbed in his ears. He has no problem with that, and he ate decently this morning.

What I find endearing about him is that even when feeling unwell, he is friendly and sweet-tempered. He continues to try to find a friend among the other beasts. He sometimes lies near Neville, but also moves close to Renn. My big boy doesn’t mind, though he is more apathetic than welcoming. Even so, Raleigh makes the best of it. The little Peach lives in hope.


  1. So Renn got a bit of sun! And Raleigh is close. Maybe just being
    a few inches from another cat is enough to make him feel comfortable.
    Hope his appetite continues to increase. They both look good in
    the big chair.

  2. Ah! Bless! That's is all a bit worrying..
    It's funny, some cats communicate with each
    other and some not..!
    I have Fudge and Flossie visit, every day,
    they live either side of me, but, they don't
    get on, at the moment, they stay 2metres from
    one another, so there within the rules of the

  3. I fell in love with Raleigh right from the start--he has such a wistful air about him.

    I hope whatever's ailing him clears up soon.

  4. Dear Raliegh it is so hard sometimes with other cats (dont we know it) but we all wish you well and to feel better soon. Purrs buddy
    Thanks for coming to Tobys Gotcha Day Party
    Toby and Family

  5. Here's hoping Raleigh gets well soon! He's such a sweet, unassuming cat.

  6. Raleigh has lessons to teach us humans!

  7. Raleigh is such a sweet boy. He tries so hard to make friends.

  8. We sure hope Raleigh feels better super soon and we're sure sending tons of purrs.

  9. Purrs for Raleigh, I hope he's feeling better soon.

  10. You and several cats can snuggle together in that chair! Maybe all of them.

  11. Raleigh it is amazing how friendly we Gingers are. Have at it my friend