Friday, April 3, 2020

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

If readers can stand a bit more about Cammie, I would like to share what I learned from the doctor yesterday.

The conversation I had with her was most interesting. She is not Cammie’s usual veterinary, but she was the one who examined the princess yesterday, and she consulted with the usual vet before calling me. I was going to talk to her about Aventi and other phosphate-binders, and probiotics which would help in the same process, but she pre-empted that specific topic with news.

There is a product available to veterinaries called Semintra. It came out in 2014 and is advertised as “the first ever angiotensin receptor blocker to receive marketing authorization in veterinary medicine… It is licensed for the reduction of proteinuria (the unwanted loss of protein via the urine) associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in cats.” As it was explained to me, it combines the functions of a phosphate-binder with the ability to reduce urea.

Though not quite new, I gather it is still not in common use, though my veterinaries have read very good reports about it, even that its continued use can diminish and eliminate the need for subcutaneous fluids. I will be picking up a bottle of this new medicine today. It is in the form of a liquid, to be given in different amounts to different cats, depending upon their weight. I would prefer it to be compounded for a transdermal delivery - and that may be in the future - but a liquid is much better than a solid pill or powder.

Combined with that treatment will be a doubling of the amount Cammie receives of benazepril: I will give her the same dosage, but now twice a day. Initially prescribed to prevent another stroke, this medicine, which lowers blood pressure, will also allow the kidneys to filter the blood better; an increase in medicine will assist the kidneys further to do this.

The disadvantage of this new programme is the cost: the amount of money I spend on benazepril will double, and Semintra is not inexpensive. Fortunately, with the corona virus troubles in the world, my holiday on the Orient Express will have to be cancelled, so I’ll have extra funds...

My girl’s Semintra treatment will begin today, the doubling of the benazepril tomorrow; I will be studying techniques for giving her fluids during the weekend. Cammie is not going to be happy with me in the next little while, but if she lives longer annoyed with me than she would otherwise, I will be satisfied with that.

That’s the plan, anyway.


  1. You'll love it when the plan comes together
    John..So pleased that to~day is good news,
    l can close my PC down feeling happier than
    yesterday..! Big (((Hug))) for the little
    lady..and X to..! :).

    And..Hey John..The Orient Express is just a
    train..! HeHe! :).

  2. Dammit, I wanted to go with you on that trip!
    The 1974 film was SO MUCH BETTER than the 2017 version...Branagh's mustache was all that I watched in the newer movie.
    Ahem...we await news of this newer med, and are hoping that it helps Cammie.

    1. The 1974 film was perfect. The thing with Branagh's moustache is that some things are better left in literary form. When a literal description is shown, it can appear unrealistic.

  3. Oh, this is interesting! I will file this away for future possible needed reference at my end. I hope you soon will have a good update on this with regard to Cammie. Fingers and paws crossed! (Definitely much more hopeful news today, about your Princess.) ♥

  4. Good luck with the new treatment John. I'm sure if Cammie understood she'd be less annoyed with you. Take care and stay well!

  5. That sounds like very good news! I hope it keeps your imperious little princess around a good long time.

    And I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say it’s impossible to hear too much about Cammie, or any of your crew.

  6. Thank you so much for this information, John. I had not heard of Semintra, but I will certainly ask my veterinarian about it since Jessica receives fluids twice a week. You mentioned the cost of the medicine. I don't know how expensive it is, but when you think of the cost of a bag of fluids, an IV line, and needles, (all of which I purchase 3 times a month), and a potassium supplement, (which I give Jessica twice a day), Semintra may not be as expensive as it seems. I'm certainly going to look into it. Thanks again! Oh, and when you're ready for your trip on the Orient Express, please let us know. I'm sure many of your readers would like to join you. :-)

  7. That is good news and I hope it works well for Cammie. Dosing with a liquid is so much easier than pilling, although the Princess probably won't agree.

  8. Undine nailed it, there isn't too much Cammie. That's an interesting plan and well worth it if it works!

  9. Yes...all news of any of the cats is welcome and looked forward to. I am anxious to know how she does on her new regime. One of the family actually was on the Orient Express. I was so envious! One imagines all type of things about it. And thank you for the information about the newer medication. I am anxious to see how the Princess does with it.

  10. I am hoping for you and Cammie the new med works well and she tolerates
    it OK. Poor girl no matter how you look at it. Sorry about the vacation time off. Your job must be essential to your area. I wanted
    to tell you, I was in Lethridge 20 years ago! All I really remember
    was a raptor center and seeing a recuperating Bald Eagle. Hope you
    and the rest of the kitties have a peaceful weekend. Lynn

  11. We wish you both well with this new medication and we are interested in how this works out for you. Our crew is getting older and having another arrow in the medical quiver is always something in the multi cat home.

  12. I agree with the others! We can never get too much from reading about Cammie or the others. Hope the princess tolerates this new med. Regardless, she just has to!
    Hope your weekend goes well John.