Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Hidden Side of Neville

Neville’s fur has really grown in. It is thick, and when I brush or pet him, it throws off static electricity. That’s not a problem, but the density of his fur in his nether regions is. Sometimes, coming out of the litter-box, he feels that he hasn’t entirely rid himself of what he needed to lose, so he will, naturally enough, rub himself along the rug.

That doesn’t bother me overly much; it makes sense to him to do it. When I see him doing it, it makes as much sense for me to try to clean him. Therein lies the difficulty: I have yet to find the spot I need to clean. I know it’s somewhere in there; Nevsky’s anatomy is, so far as I can tell, normal. But he hides it well.

Fortunately, if I make his fur damp back there - and that’s unavoidable in my attempts to locate and wash the correct spot - he will clean himself satisfactorily. Even so, it’s an interesting problem, searching a cat for his rear end, and not finding it.


  1. HA to the hide and seek comment been there, done that, wiped on t-shirt! Neville is a handsome dude though.

  2. Cats do present the most interesting challenges.

  3. YUP! I have had my pillow decorated with tiny spots occasionally, here pillow, the sheet. I try to get a so called potty patch trimmed back there from the Vet's office, Makes a huge difference. Long fur or thick--- as is Katie's and Nevilles, is a nemesis to them.

  4. I never realized how difficult it could be to keep a cat with long or medium length hair clean until I got Joey. I've tried baby wipes, pet wipes and dry pet shampoo, but I've learned that many times, the cat does a better job than I can.

  5. Never having had a cat with long and thick fur I have never had that problem.
    Eric did sometimes get clingons and would toboggan across the carpet, but they were visible.
    I had to smile at the image I got of you delving through that thick fur in search of the offending spot!

  6. HeHe! Sounds as if your getting a 'bit'
    behind John..Bless! Don't think any
    pussy~cat likes the rear end tampered with..
    Never mind Neville..Bottoms up..! :).

  7. Interesting problem you have. Precious has shorter fur and she
    actually stands perfectly still for me to brush her "bloomers". The
    rest of the brush job is done as we crawl on the floor. My Maine
    Coon, Seney, hated to get cleaned up occasionally. It took 2 of us
    to do the job. You have your hands full. Good luck with the clean up and any brushing. But Neville does look handsome.

  8. Ah the dilemma of the floofy cat bottom. There are two here, Rumpy and Einstein. Einstein has a very thick back end fur but no problems with making delivery. Rumpy, unfortunately, has a bowel problem with loose stool. He is an American Bobtail Rumpy. Like the Manx some of his breed have problems nerve conduction due to the truncation of the spinal cord. I think he has no feeling as he does not seem to know when he is not done or has something back there. He happily walks off dropping bits or being covered and I clean him up as needed. He was trained to come to the bathroom for this but then we moved and the new bath is such that this is not the best (I am handicapped so it complicates things.) It only took two years for the Bump to finally accepted the new plan where I take him to the special sink I installed just for this purpose without too much argument. I also trim his nethers while he acts as though I am cutting off a leg. Ahh but when he flops over and purrs it is so worth it all and nary a bother.

    1. I knew that you had to help Rumpy clean himself from time to time, but had no idea it was due to his breed. The poor guy. I am impressed that you put in a sink just for Rumpy - impressed, but not surprised. Rumpy has a marvellous cat-dad.