Monday, April 13, 2020

The Princess and the Peach

With six cats, there is always something going on, and since one is blind from a stroke, and in third-stage kidney failure, two are diabetic, one is sixteen and in stage-two kidney failure, another has FIV and stomatitis, and the sixth has very stinky poop – well, no, that’s not that great a problem – that something can often be a worry.

However, I try to look on the bright side of things. For instance, Cammie threw up a little last night. It was just a bit of sputum, not including any of her earlier food; this was how her previous episode began. But it’s almost eighteen hours later, and the princess has not repeated the performance. At the least, if she did, she would have already digested plenty of food from a good breakfast – the amount she ate this morning being another factor mitigating against any real sickness. She also ate a very good late dinner, a supper, one might call it, just a few minutes ago, and is now snoozing in her heated cat-bed, after a long drink of water.

Cammie is approaching the anniversary of her stroke (May 26th) but she is, I think, living well for a blind cat. She enjoys her meals, gets attention when she asks for it and now that spring is coming, she has the scents and sounds of the outside to entertain her.

Raleigh has been feeling off for some days now. What is frustrating is that he appears to recover somewhat one day, only to relapse the next. However, as with Cammie, so with Raleigh: the Peach needs to eat so he will ingest his medicine, and he is still eating. I include his crushed pill in the first amount offered him, just hidden near the top of his food. If he doesn’t finish all his medicine-laden food, I save it and give it to him later, and later he is usually hungrier than earlier, because he did not eat much then. Once he eats, he usually relaxes in a spot and position only he can find comfortable, and snoozes.

As with Cammie, judging when Raleigh will eat, and what he will eat, is a matter of experience, and so far, I have been able to keep up with him. While these two, and the others for that matter, are a constant source of worry, I try to counter it with the realisation that, so far, they have overcome all obstacles to a good life. The cats don’t ask for much, and if I can give them a little more than that, I think they will be content. And if they are content, I will be, too.


  1. You are such a good cat dad John. Your gang are lucky to have you looking after them and their wide and varied needs.

  2. Goes without saying John..You give them
    ALL a great life, you look after them,
    treat them and of course love them...
    And..they in their way will show that
    in return..! :).
    It's lovely seeing them, and the lovely
    expressions they show..all different..! :).

    And Cammie..they do say in humans if
    someone looses one of their senses,
    the others develop more, people who
    are blind say, develop and acute sense
    of hearing..l should imagine it applies
    to animals to..!

  3. Raleigh, Cammie, please. Rally --and enjoy what you have in your comfortable home if you are able. John, those of us who have had sick cats completely understand the balancing act that you as the dad have to effect each day. The days when one isn't presented with a concern or something more worrisome than a mere concern, shine like the sun among our days. I remember setting forth on the new day with a huge smile that reached all the way to my inner self when Admiral seems to be a normal cat doing normal cat things. It was like receiving a gift.

  4. Always a delight to see our pets eat properly. And with medicine
    thrown in, yuck. I remember eating apple sauce with aspirin in it and
    how lousy that tasted. Good for Raleigh. Both look good.

  5. Both Sweetie and Manny have developed new eating styles recently; they pick. Which causes me all kinds of worry, since I assume they don't like the food. For Sweetie, leaving a half-empty bowl is no problem, since she's alone in her apartment. Manny, however, has Vacuum CB on his tail at all times; food left out is to be eaten! We try to lock Manny in the kitchen, locking out CB, but Manny more often uses his kitchen time to jump on counters and try to eat through the bread wrappers. Funny how each cat; mine, yours...have unique food styles. Which equals WORRY for us humans...

  6. There is always something to worry about when you have pets. I know I'm an "over-anxious mother". But each day we share with our cats is a blessing. You take such great care of your cats, John, and I'm sure they appreciate it and love you for it.

  7. They both look very content. As long as they eat, that is the most important thing.

  8. John, all these cats are so blessed to have you as their "Dad." Not many people would be willing to put up with the anxiety, effort, and expense that goes into caring for such a high-maintenance crew.

    If what you do isn't what they call "God's work," I don't know what is.

  9. The ups and downs are pretty worrisome but it seems to be pretty feline normal for the most part.

  10. I consider myself so fortunate. Sasha will be 20 in May, Saku just had his 12th in March. Neither of them exhibit any real issues and though I know it won't last I'm grateful.

    Your beasts as you call them are so fortunate to live with you. Lesser humans would not be able to deal with all the illnesses you manage on a daily basis. I count myself among them.

    1. Twenty! You are obviously doing something right for Sasha to live so long and so well. May that long continue!

  11. You are doing a great job managing all their health issues.

  12. John, you posted a condolence about Iza on my Marks Mews Blog. And since you were unfamiliar to me, I followed the link back to your blog. You write a wonderful blog. I am impressed.

    And I am very impressed by how you care for some cats with challenging conditions. I declined to do those sub Q shots with my heart cat (back in 2008 but I might try it in the future) but the vet told me he was nearly beyond that helping by then.

    I see from your profile that we have a lot in common. So I have added you to my feedly list and we will see if something lasts from that. One always hopes.

    Best to your cats and you for your dedicated care...


  13. You do such a good job juggling the care of your furry crew!I find it worrying to take care of just one!
    I lost my dog, Maisie, to cancer two weeks ago. She was my loyal companion for 11 years and I miss her so. My cat, Lucy, 5 months ago.
    I still have the two tabby boys so I'm grateful for their company but they have their own agenda!
    Keep up the good work, John. I love reading about your crew and have picked up a few pointers from you!

    1. I'm very sorry to read that Maisie died, and so soon after your Lucy passed away. Cancer has cut short far too many lives.

      I love all my cats, but some are for comforting, some are for playing and some are for laughing. When one has gone, it changes the character of my home and my life. I always will miss those I've lost.

      Godspeed, Maisie. Godspeed, Lucy.

  14. Our two who are on meds have been taking them so far even though I cannot get the treats they usually are put into. We did a flashback to how we used to make the med-treats which includes an old coffee grinder, eyedropper, bowl, fingers, paper towels... Ah it is easier than it sounds and has worked! We know what they need and mostly what they like so we are herding cats. Today at least