Wednesday, April 1, 2020

She's a Mystery Girl

I believe that the black cat who is visiting me these days is probably Sable, an outsider-cat from some time ago. If I am right, that means that something happened to her sister, whom I had named Sablette.

This Sable is a little more skittish than the previous, but nonetheless comes down to the bottom of the ditch to eat soft-food I place for her even before I finish closing the glass door to go back inside. She glances about quite often while eating, but is more concerned with dangers from elsewhere, rather than afraid of me. She is sleek and soft, with a good, smooth coat, like Sable, and, also like her, she sometimes comes by just for a nibble from the hard-food bowl, and doesn’t always wait to see if a softer menu will be offered. And she doesn’t appear every day.

If she is Sable, this brings up many questions. Where has she been since she vanished from my knowledge some months ago? Where does she eat when she doesn’t come to my bowl? If she has a another source of food, why is she hungry enough to consume a large tin (or more) of soft-food some days? Where does she live? How is her coat in such good shape if she is living wild? Most importantly, of course, what happened to Sablette?

It is very difficult taking care of outsider-cats. One always worries about them. When one sees them, one is reminded that they don’t - or may not - have a home. When one doesn’t see them, one worries why one doesn’t see them. Are they getting enough food? Are they healthy? What if they need a vet? When they disappear, as they almost invariably do, one is confronted by a mystery, and can hope only that it is solved, somewhere, happily.

For now, I will give Sable as much food as she wishes. One day, she will likely deepen her mystery by vanishing again, this time for good. But one day, maybe, she will tell me her secrets.


  1. At least Sable knows she has safe docking at your port in the storm!

  2. There are a lot of "outside cats" around here. I know some of them have owners, but others I'm not sure about. I have the same worries about all of them.

    I hope Sablette is OK, wherever she is. I suppose the best-case scenario is that some well-meaning person managed to trap her.

  3. All of our ferals were gone for 8 months once and we were very sad. Then one day they all showed up again. Sable probably understands that.

  4. I always worry about outside cats too. But you noticed that Sable's coat is in good condition, so I would think that she must be getting enough food. I wonder if she and Sablette have found homes and Sable became an indoor-outdoor cat, while Sablette chooses to be an indoor only cat.

  5. That's an interesting thought from Roberta. I hadn't thought of that. I am so glad she looks good to you. That relieves one's mind after a prolonged absence.

  6. My heart hurts for these cats, who deserve a good home rather than the dangers of being outdoors. Thank goodness for you, providing Sable with a safe spot.

    Take care and stay well!

  7. If only we knew what they do and where they go! If it is Sable, she has returned because she knows she can get food and shelter with you. As she look in good condition she is probably also getting food elsewhere. I hope Sablette is well wherever she is.

  8. Comforting for Sable to show herself, can not say that about the
    appearance of all that snow/ice you have out the window, though.
    Hopefully the other black cat is safe and well. Glad you got a
    picture of Sable eating.

  9. We do the best we can and wish them well on their travels in a dangerous world. She is lucky to have a friend who gives her a little sustenance.
    We just had a new fellow stop by to have a meal