Wednesday, April 8, 2020

My Little Frog

Tucker seems to have a wish for a life by the shore. It may be the seaside, with the tang of salt in the air, and adventure on the waves. It might be the restful strand of a river, the water flowing gently downstream, a world on the move. Possibly, he dreams of a woodland lake, the water blue here, white there, sparkling and snapping in the brilliant sunshine.

In any case, the roly poly one appears to me to have an amphibian side to his character. I have depicted him previously in his ‘bathing beauty’ pose, his rear legs straight out behind him, as if he were lying on a colourful beach towel, catching some rays. Now and then, however, he adopts this ranine posture, and I expect him to leap from his lily-pad into the nearest body of water, or at least a filled tub.

I suspect, however, that Tucker would not enjoy a dampening, and that any resemblance to a frog is coincidental. The terrestrial life is the one for him; like many of us dreamers, he probably knows that the wish is sometimes more fun than the deed.


  1. Oh and Katie would get along well on your picnics by the sea!

  2. Ah! Bless Him! HeHe! I think he's
    just waiting for you to say "Hop it"
    John..It's the web feet that give it
    away..! :o).

  3. How is that comfortable? I'm frankly envious of his flexibility. There actually IS a frog pose in yoga, which he seems to have mastered!

  4. Hey, we think it looks pretty comfy!

  5. Tucker would enjoy watching frogs jump around, and fish swim, I'm sure!

  6. Seems like most beach goers are just there for the sun and not
    the swim. Tucker looks like that is his idea for enjoyment.
    We had snow this morn, so no sun and no swimming here.
    Tucker better just dream of the beach and keep the heat on.

  7. He is a wonderful fellow with his pose and we bet he is thinking of how relaxed he feels in his very own way of laying

  8. I envy his flexibility. Like Tucker I dream of being on or near the water. Hopefully soon, though we're getting more snow this weekend too. Spring will come, right?