Sunday, December 13, 2020

Early Release

After several applications, the Felons will obtain early release from their incarceration: on Thursday, they will go for a trial adoption.

A very promising situation has been found for Oleo and Bisto, a family comprising a married couple with a nine year old son. Though they have no pets at the moment, they are well-versed in cat-care. They’ve never had kittens before, but then, neither had I. The rescue-group sponsoring the brothers is very good at judging the quality of a home for its cats, and we think this one will do nicely.

The boys will of course go together – that was a condition of any adoption – and I will write a list of things that may be helpful for the new warders in dealing with their charges. The latter will hardly seem like prisoners, though, as the house in which they will live is about five times the size of the Cosy Apartment. The family have watched the videos of Oleo and Bisto at play, and have ordered two nylon tunnels for them.

I will miss the little guys, especially when they hurry to greet me every time I come into the library where they are sequestered. But this is an excellent opportunity for them to grow up - and old - in a wonderful home. I am, like all foster-guardians, anxious that the new people will come to know the cats they are adopting, know how they like to be petted and held, what they enjoy doing, how they eat. I will be concerned about that more than I will miss them, I think. Their happiness is more important than mine.

But for now, the Felons remain with me. Last night, we watched another movie, and, during the opening scene, Oleo got behind the dvd-player and somehow disconnected the power cords. This is why I won’t be sorry to see them go. And why I will be.


  1. It's great news that the Felons may be "paroled" soon, but I'm going to miss hearing about their antics. They brightened up my day. Hopefully their new family will be able to give us updates occasionally.

  2. I'll miss the little guys, too. I hope they'll be happy in their new home. My one fear is that you're the only "cat parent" they've ever known, and that might make it more difficult for them to bond with new people.

  3. Oh we hope there new home will be perfect, but we will miss them.

  4. Wonderful news for Oleo and Bisto. Hope the family they go to does enjoy their antics and do not decide to return them. That would be even bigger heartbreak, I feel. I'm also thinking along the lines of "Laurel and Hardy" and "Abbott and Costello". Hijinxs and all.

  5. I'll definitely miss seeing the boys grow and continue to learn, but I'm thrilled they are being adopted together and hope the family will be loving, doting pet parents. Purrs to them from Derry. ❤️

  6. I know you will miss those sweeties, but you sure raised them right!

  7. It is good news for them that they are going to their home. Not so good for us who love to see their antics though. Will their new family give you updates?

  8. It sounds they are going to a good home and it's wonderful they will be together there. I suspect the nine year old will love playing with them.

    Cats, can't live with them, can't live without them. I wonder who will be next. :)

  9. I loved your last line. I completely totally understand it. And it makes me glad that the Felons were reared by you. They had the very best of everything. A warm home, toys, one another, a foster Dad who loves them and who feels their happiness as with your in-house brood as well, is more important than your own. We give them our homes and our hearts, and they give theirs to us. I hope that their mom and dad to be will keep us apprised as to how they are. By the way, I loved those videos too. Those are two very happy boys.

  10. I admire anyone who fosters. It must be hard to part with them. I am glad they have a forever home waiting though.

  11. Ah! Bless! Just a minute..
    That's better, l can see again..
    Let's hope it all works out o.k,
    Bless them..and..yes, we will miss
    them, but at least we have all your
    posts John, so, they won't be to far
    away..! :).

  12. I'm glad they are being adopted together and hope all goes well. I, too, will miss reading about their latest antics!
    You raised and taught them well so onto a new life for these beloved felons!