Thursday, December 31, 2020

Less Roly in the Poly

Tucker, like Renn, has been with me a decade, and will be sixteen in the new year. When I look at him, especially from above, I can tell that he has slimmed down quite a bit from when I first started calling him the roly poly. But his loss of mass is not, I think, bad; it, like many other new traits in my cats, is a matter of age.

Tucker is diabetic and his condition has always been tricky to manage. But we seem to have arrived at an adequate point: his numbers are always high, and almost never reach what would be considered the target range, between four and eight. But his insulin has an effect, and his doctor, with whom I consult regularly about the numbers, is pleased with the curves that result from blood-samples. As well, Tucker is clinically looking good in regard to his diabetes.

Tucker is, in fact, my most active cat now. It’s not that he is forever running or jumping, but he moves quite a bit, and plays. And he is always at the door to greet me when I come home from work, at which time he talks a great deal, perhaps telling me how his day went.

He has a number of spots in which he likes to snooze, his favourite right now being the heated cat-bed in the sitting room, but he enjoys lying in the nylon tunnel, as well. Sleeping on a dining room chair is comfortable for him, and periodically he will occupy the hammock in the sitting room. He has recently returned to the bedroom; he stopped going in there when the former Felons were living with us because I would put him and the others in there while the kittens had the run of the rest of the apartment. Tucker disliked this; he disliked being confined to one room, and he disliked being confined with the other cats. He became surly. Now, he is returning to the bedroom, both during the day and the night, to sleep.

Tucker doesn’t eat as much as I would like. He has little for breakfast, but I will leave a good portion out in a bowl on the sitting room floor during the day. Either he or Renn (another slim eater) will usually finish it off during the day. As with all the others, I keep hoping to find that one magic food that is both good for him and which he loves. So far, the closest to that has been any human food I happen to be eating; Tucker is my companion in dining. (Though when I finish the course in which he is interested, such as roasted pork, and begin on a dessert, he leaves after I tell him ‘All done, all done,’ and spread my hands to show that they are empty.)

While my sausage-shaped cat is being ground down by age, he retains his good spirits (as long as there are no kittens about) and cheerful, if timid, demeanour. He continues to amble over to me for no other reason than to rub against me. I will pick him up and stroke his head and chin. Sometimes, we stand at the kitchen window, a view he rarely gets unless I am holding him, and look at the wind blow leaves about. He purrs and kneads my arm. There may be less roly in the poly these days, but what is there is happy and contented.


  1. "...what is there is happy and contented."

    You can't ask for anything more.

  2. Tucker, you look terrific! You'd never know you were almost 16, handsome fellow that you are. We're glad you're "happy and contented!" ♥

  3. We are sure glad they are both doing okay and we hope you all have a safe and quiet New Years Eve.

  4. Such fun to come home to hear Tucker tell you about his day. Then you get turn about fair play and tell him of the grueling office. Nothing better than to stand and hold one of your own and just gaze out. Just shows how cats don't like kittens, most times. Tucker is glad to have his whole home again.

  5. Tucker looks great, and we are glad he is both happy and contented. :)

    Happy New Year's Eve!

  6. He's such a handsome cat! Saku could take a lesson or two from him...he's my chunky cat.

    Happy New Year John!

  7. Awww Tucker. Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Happy and contented is good, and Tucker is looking great.
    Happy New Year.

  9. I love the pictures of Tucker. He's absolutely beautiful, and he looks so happy and contented. Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone at the Cozy Apartment!!

  10. You can see it in his face..
    One very contented pussy~cat!
    HaHa! I hope you used the word
    'kitten' very quietly John..! :).

  11. Tucker is handsome and looks full of life and indeed, contentedness...I made up the word. :-) I enjoyed reading about how he is now after a space of time and Felonious 'assault'!

  12. What a loving post for Tucker! He sounds like quite the social guy. For being sixteen years of age he still is going strong! I like that.
    When you spoke of Tucker meeting you at the door and chatting to you, it brought back memories of my Lucy doing the same,I still miss her so much.
    Hoping 2021 is better for us all!

  13. Tucker we think you are one handsome dood!
    And a very Happy Mew Year dear friends!

  14. He sure is a good looking cat and he sounds very content. 16 is nothing to be sneezed at and it is due to your excellent care of the slimmer poly. Happy New Year from all of us to you all!

  15. Ere ya go John..I attached this to
    one of my New Year e~mails...
    And as you were asking Poppy!x