Thursday, December 17, 2020

Transported for Life

The Felons are in their new home. It is a trial-adoption but, at the risk of jinxing it, I will write that they will be staying. I find it hard to believe that anyone – short of a foster-guardian – could give them up once they are installed in one’s life.

The removal from the Cosy Apartment was almost smooth. The kittens’ new people brought a carrier for them, but Oleo and Bisto didn’t recognize the container for what it was – or perhaps they did – and it frightened them. Bisto hid and Oleo fought fiercely to keep from going in. So I put them in one of my carriers; it can be returned later. The pair had been placed in the carrier daily, to keep them out of the way while I vacuumed the library and scooped its litter-box. They were used to that confinement.

Oleo and Bisto will, I hope, soon forget me and turn to the new family as their new family. I feel wistful about their absence, but I know they will recover quickly; it is not as if they were adult cats, with adult cats’ reactions. Their new humans sound perfect for them, and the kittens will be perfect for the humans.

In the old days, British criminals convicted of serious but not murderous crimes were sometimes ‘transported for life’ – shipped to penal colonies for the duration of their days. Many were permitted to carry on trades and built better lives in their new lands. So, I think, it will be with the Felons. Transported for life, they will find their world a better and broader one, with an unlimited opportunity for fun and affection. They are just the sort of reprobates to take full advantage of it.


  1. You did such a great job of helping them grow and we hope they have a loving and long life with their new family.

  2. God bless them!xx
    Can l bring God into it..I like
    everyone else will miss the
    dynamic duo..and, l don't think
    they'll forget you either John,
    not for a while anyway..!
    I think you said there new owners
    have bought they a tunnel..they'll
    love that..! :).

    Oh! And God bless you John..Your a

  3. I will miss seeing them. I hope they have a wonderful first Christmas with their new family followed by a lifetime of love and comfort.

  4. The photo of them on your legs shows how much they have grown. And they will miss you at first, as they have to scout out their new home. Only the best of good wishes goes with they. Neville may sigh with relief.

  5. Godspeed, Oleo and Bisto. You guys have come a long way from that car engine.

  6. I do wonder what the resident fur family will say?

  7. Looking at that last photo they sure have grown! I will miss reading about them and the funny stories you told. Hope their new life and new family will be a great one!

  8. I, too, will miss seeing them and reading about their antics, but I hope they'll be spoiled silly this Christmas and for every Christmas of their lives.

  9. We all wish those cutie-pie a wonderful and most happy life!

  10. I'm going to miss them terribly, and I know you will too, John. You did such a great job caring for them. It may take them awhile to settle into their new home, but eventually they will. But that said, I'm sure they will always remember you. Good luck, Oleo and Bisto. Live long and happy lives.

  11. I know like all your readers, I'll miss seeing the photos of the little ones, and I'm sure you'll miss the antics but maybe not the extra noise and work. I suspect they'll settle in well, especially with a young person with energy to play with them.
    Take care, stay well!

  12. They are now off to their version of Australia to build a brave new cat world and we wish them well. We had quite a few go through here until the two that nobody wanted and they filled out the family. My fortunes changed so the time was no longer there for fostering but I still have my Miss Fitz who was like a rock trough multiple adoption events. When people started to say she looked sick we all decided that it was coloring the others. Of course when she got back home she was full of energy. Never saw that behavior in any other cat. Total immobility for 5 or more hours. Mr Buttons had FIV so wa treated as radioactive. He was the sweetest fellow until his kidneys gave out. A memories of fostering are sweet

  13. Bon Voyage, little felons...we hope you've landed in your permanent colony.