Tuesday, December 15, 2020


One of the things I’ve learned about kittens is that once they reach a certain age, they think themselves invincible. I believe most species’ youngsters think that; human children do. But kittens appear to be the worst offenders in this regard.

Oleo and Bisto have strength, agility, suppleness, light-weight and curiosity; these ingredients comprise a recipe for hair-raising stunts that I can barely look at. What’s more, when they fail, and fall, they are not only unhurt, but unfazed. They are back doing what they couldn’t do seconds before. I’ve seen the Felons throw themselves from great heights, hit wooden chair legs with their chests; fall from five feet up, striking half a dozen objects on the way down, and waste just enough time to change direction before starting up again; they’ve run under furniture to the accompaniment of the grisly bonking sounds of tiny skulls against metal.

Making matters worse is that the kittens are entering upon a gangly, gawky stage in which much of the coordination they think they have is an illusion. And yet it still doesn’t matter to them. It’s not so much that they know no fear as they don’t think they should fear anything they do.

I think they are leaving me at just the right time: I couldn’t stand watching them try to set the apartment on fire - and then play in it.


  1. Some of them never lose that fear. Flynn used to climb to the highest branches of the old oak tree. Not content with that he would then go right to the end of the thinner branches leaving me a quivering wreck shouting to him to come down. I am sure when he looked down at me from that great height that he was laughing at me.

    1. I’ve read of some of Flynn’s experiences on your blog. I would have been Eric, sticking closer to the ground…

  2. I remember seeing a picture of a kitten looking at himself in a mirror, and what he sees back is a reflection of a lion. I think all kittens see themselves as lions.

  3. I would have a nervous breakdown seeing AND earring those tiny skulls hitting things. And falling like that. OH gosh.

  4. Puts you a bit in the grandparent mode. Love seeing the little ones but glad when they go back home. It could make some of us think twice if we were in the mindset to start over with kittens.

  5. This is why kittens are so much fun!

  6. Just thing, if you could bottle that kitten energy though...

  7. But ! there so much fun to watch
    them being silly! :).
    Love the way they do something silly
    or naughty, sit up and look at you,
    as if to say..'how was that'..! :o).

  8. As adorable as kittens are, their frenetic energy wears me out!

  9. Thanks for the laugh! My cats are too old for many antics anymore, though Saku still occasionally does the thundering hooves down the hallway. I recall him learning, the hard way, that he no longer fit under the couch.

    Take care, stay well!

  10. Too funny. Yes this is how they learn their bodies and become full fledged felines and it is amazing