Sunday, January 31, 2021

Xanadu Goes to the Movies

Xanadu passed the test of movie-night better than the Former Felons did. My latest foster-cat is quite active, but Saturday he was a little less so. I think what happened earlier in the day may have contributed: he had a visitor, a fellow member of the rescue-group, who came to take Xanadu’s pictures and clean his ears. The little boy with the swirl fur disliked the ear-cleaning greatly, and I think that subdued him for the day. We will get back into action this morning.

But during the movie, he disconnected the cable between the dvd-player and the television set only once, and, surprisingly, came out from behind the tv when I told him to. He settled down next to me for the most of the film, though he was intrigued by the popcorn that I ate for the first half-hour. Eventually, he nodded off: I think he probably prefers colour movies.

I chuckled afterward at his antics. I keep the television set in the library closet, opening the sliding doors when I want to view the screen. After the film, I closed the doors. This surprised Xanadu, and he paced about in front of the closet, probably wondering where the tv had gone. He then pulled up the soaker pad I keep in front of the litter-box. Perhaps not understanding the sliding doors, he probed the pad, thinking that the tv was under there. That’s not bad reasoning for a little fellow who can’t comprehend technology.


  1. I'm not sure you're correct when you say Xanadu doesn't comprehend technology. After all, he disconnected the DVD player, didn't he? (Either that, or he didn't like the movie. Everyone's a critic!)

  2. Teach 'em young where everything is and belongs. He'll have the hang of
    the place soon enough for next movie night. He looks good lying beside
    you. At least he didn't blame you for the ear cleaning.

  3. Even though the ear cleaning subdued him, he looks happy enough lying next to your feet.

  4. It sounds like Xanadu is a live-action adventure movie all on his own.

  5. I loved the comments so far. I always do. Undine said it before I could and I swear, I cannot think of a luckier family than who ever gets this sweet boy. I have to tell you I laughed out loud when I read he disconnected the cable between the DVD and the TV. Out LOUD! I felt badly for you, but it was funny! I'll bet that floppy fish was whispering secrets to him the entire afternoon. And looked under the soaker pad...good boy! Thinking every minute and who is to say that the TV wasn't there? A fella won't know till he looks, now will he?

  6. He is precious and will make someone a loyal companion, no doubt about it.

  7. Bless! the little fella..
    A lot of pussy~cats love the Tv..
    One of mine years ago now, used to
    love watching the snooker, every
    time a ball was potted, she'd go
    behind the TV to see where it had
    gone...! :).

  8. What a cutie! I'm sure he'll find his forever home very soon.

  9. He was possibly looking for an age relevant movie. Possibly Harry Potter where he could envision himself a familiar