Monday, August 9, 2021

A Burst of Neville

After describing in yesterday’s entry how Portia likes to play, I thought I would offer evidence that my other foster-cat, Neville, is not the laziest cat I’ve ever had living with me, though much of the time it would seem like he is.

While the Nevsky will play with a string-toy now and then, it always seems to be a grudging action, more from annoyance with my attempts to involve him than from delight in playing. Now and then, however, he experiences a burst of energy that is startling in its appearance and exuberance.

It will come from nowhere. He will be sitting, staring, as if in thought. I will speak to him and, with a grunting ‘errr’, he will turn and shoot off toward another room. Once there, he will often pause, then rush off in the other direction. If he runs into the sitting room, he will more frequently than not bounce off an armchair on to a cat-tree. His enthusiasm is greater than his aim at times and he will throw himself chest first into the side of a platform. This doesn’t slow him down, however, and he will arrange himself on one level or another and wait for events.

Sometimes, those events include me coming up to him, at which point Nev will twist himself about, watching me from an angle. I may approach him from under the platform, making him grunt and turn about to view me better. But then I pop up from the other side, resulting in the same response.

This weekend, the game lasted longer than usual, and included my boy whapping my near by hand with his paw (claws in). This was repeated numerous times until, at last, he was tired from turning this way and that, guessing where I would materialize next. He attacked a fuzzy mouse or two that I tossed at him, but his energy was finally spent, and he subsided onto the carpeted platform, purring. A minute or two of head-rubbing and the game was done.

I’m not sure why these episodes come over him, and can never predict their advent. But Neville undoubtedly enjoys them and, rare though they may be, if he finds pleasure in them, so do I.


  1. It sounds like Neville may have had a case of the "zoomies" It's hyperactivity that comes on suddenly and ends just as suddenly. It's considered normal cat behavior and it helps the cat get rid of pent up energy.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying your own special fun time Neville!

  3. I love him. Don't know why but, I do. Also glad he has these fun times and zoomies. I'd love to have seen that.

    1. I love the guy, too. He has such an interesting personality.

  4. I love it when they have that burst of energy and start hopping all over the place!

  5. dood....cuzin daiz getz like thiz two.. if catz werld wide could bottle thiz energeez; we could sell it and make millionz...bazillionz even :) ♥♥

  6. Neville looks restful after all that running and whapping.

  7. I love it when cats get the zoomies. Derry hasn't had many of those moments lately, but once in a while (and in cooler weather) he'll be so inclined. Usually he wants me to chase him (shades of being chased in play by Nicki).

    In any case, Neville looks bright-eyed and happy, a far cry from the fellow who first joined you. :-)

  8. Zoomies are such crazy times, but they sure are fun! I loved it when ours would get to zooming all over the house. They would sound like the proverbial herd of elephants.LOL!

    Glad Neville still wants to play:)

  9. I have a soft spot for Neville..
    Love hearing of his antics, though
    not many l know..I think if l lived
    in Canada..l'd love to have him with
    me..He's a bit special..! :).

  10. Cats are predators that sneak up and ambush quickly and this may be built in behavior. Our Miss Fitz runs after a toy I throw in the air and hits it across the floor then waits for it again. Today she did this a dozen times while other days it will be once. She also will hit a ball rolled to her on the run and keep going. The furs here each have their own games and, as you say, they sure are fun

  11. The zoomies are so much fun, at least to watch. Sasha doesn't do it anymore, but when there were more cats and he was younger he would lead the charge about 10 p.m. They're raced from one room to another, onto the bed, off the bed, back down the hall....I wished I had half their energy.

    Neville sounds like such a nice boy and he certainly enjoyed the game!

  12. Neville looks very content after his game. Eric was never the most energetic of cats, but even he had his mad moments.