Sunday, August 8, 2021

To the Victrix, the Spoils

My foster-cat, Portia, likes to play now and then. She isn’t the sort to chase things - her girth testifies to that – but she is active to a degree. She enjoys playing by herself for a few minutes at a time, batting about fuzzy mice and wrestling with the rings off plastic milk jugs.

When I play with her, it is usually with a string-toy. I have other toys, but they don’t arouse any interest in her. The string-toys are two in number. One is a simple shoe-lace. She seems to like it, and will grab it, pull on it and hold it under her paw, daring it to try to get away.

The second string-toy with which chubby Po plays is a fake bug attached to a string on a stick. This one angers her; I don’t know why. She will fight it eagerly enough, but will very quickly become annoyed, even infuriated, growling and hissing at it and its attempts at combat.

It’s as if she respects the shoe-lace as an opponent, someone who adheres to the rules of the game. The string-toy is another matter, a scoundrel who cheats, certainly no gentleman. Or maybe it just smells funny.

But no matter the toy, after the fun palls, after the games grow repetitive, Portia considers herself sated, and turns to relaxation. After all, if one battles successfully against one’s opponents, one has the right to enjoy the fruits of one’s victory.


  1. We guess every kitty has their play threshold, right Po? One thing is for sure, we love how you are enjoying the fruits of victory!

  2. My cats will let you know when they've had their fill of playtime. But the one toy they don't seem to tire of is the Cat Dancer. They love it.

  3. That last photo is a great victory lap. :)

  4. It's so nice she is enjoying her own special playtime!

  5. She is a funny girl! She certainly knows how to relax after victory.

  6. We're glad she enjoys a bit of play time! She definitely has the relaxing down to a "T".

    Derry's play time threshold is about 30 seconds or less. Once in a long while I'll come downstairs in the morning and see some of the catnip toys strewn around, but that, too, is rare. He does love string though...for 30 seconds. :-P

  7. You got some great photos of Portia playing string toys. Love seeing it.
    Precious has her frog on a stick similar to your bug. Sometimes I can
    get her to play for more than 2 minutes, but the older she gets, the
    less the time spent. Glad Po is looking so fit and content. Hope the
    carpet/pad wetting is on the way out for good.

  8. That's how I like to play.
    Defeat it and then relax :)
    I especially like to relax with mum brushing me!
    Purrs, Julie

  9. I'm sitting here smiling all over!

  10. What fun for Portia (and you.) Enjoy!

  11. Pusy~cats love playing/attacking things
    that are moving or alive..if it stops
    moving, a cat will carry on playing with
    it, in an attempt to restore life into it!
    That's why it's great fun, watching a cat
    play with it's tail...! :O).

  12. Wow, she must hate bugs!! LOL! Gotta take it out , right Portia??!