Sunday, August 29, 2021

Cosier Days

Not yet September, the weather has nonetheless turned cooler, though this is a relative description. The diurnal temperatures are very pleasant, while the nocturnal are not much lower than normal for this time of year. Even so, it is a change, and the cats have obviously felt it.

While the beasts are still haunting their usual spots, there is a general shift toward the cosier locations in the Cosy Apartment. Portia still lies on the carpet in the sitting room, but she has taken to snoozing in armchairs more often.

Neville, despite his long fur, has sensed the approaching end of summer and is more often seen in the high-sided cat-bed in the sitting room.

Tucker has decided that, in addition to the cat-bed under the micro-wave oven stand, the soft hammock between two tall bookcases is a snug place in which to rest.

Yes, there is that indefinable difference in the air now. The sky is the same blue as it was last week, the leaves still green, and the sun still strong. But each is marginally less vibrant, minutely blander. The autumn with its mellow tints, thinner sunlight, and air that is both crisper and softer, is almost upon us, and the cats here are behaving accordingly. Except for Renn, who ruins the subject of this entry by doing nothing different at all.


  1. And meanwhile, here it's supposed to be 103 degrees today, and my cats are looking for whatever cool spot they can find. :)

  2. I'm thinking Renn sees no good reason to change up a good thing to
    some place different. Too hot here the past 2 weeks for Precious to
    make any seasonal changes. Still under the bed all day for shade, I
    guess. Too hot in the top of the closet for now.

  3. Our temperatures here have been in the upper 90's with heat indices over 100. The 6th heat wave of the season just ended. My cats have been looking for a place to cool off, and so have I.

  4. Summer has at last decided to grace us with her presence bringing temperatures of low 70s and plenty of sun. A much needed change from the 55-60s and rain we had through most of the summer months. If this continues, autumn can take it's time to arrive.

  5. They sure are cute and look very content in their happy places!

  6. Ah! Bless! And talking of bed...
    I'm just off to mine, settle down
    for a bit of telly...
    Antique Roadshow at eight..Repair
    Shop at nine, if l'm still awake,
    if not, l'll take a leaf out of
    Neville's book, and curl up and
    zzzzzzzzzzzZ! :)

  7. Our cold weather can NOT get here fast enough. But we'll be several months out from cooling down. What lovely spots each cat has found to enjoy the final days of yoursummertime.

  8. They wlaways seem to know, right? Everybody looks very comfy in their special spots!

  9. As soon as I see Katie take the first nap, however short, in her cuddly fleece beddie...then I will know cool Autumn is on the way. Even when it is still very warm outside, they know and start making adjustment. There is something in the light they are attuned to, as am I. BUT I don't go to my cozy bed, darn it!

  10. Hahaha! I love Renn's expression! Priceless!

  11. We hope to have cooler temps (and less humidity!) soon.
    I do not WANT Autumn to arrive any sooner than it should, but it will be nice to get outside without sweaty profusely.

  12. renn; ewe R just a cat for all seezonz......ore sum thin like that; why givez up a good spot all reddy claimed... hay !! ;) ♥♥

  13. They are so much more in tune with the world around them. You would think living with us in our adjusted climates it would not be so but it is

  14. There always has to be the one holdout in the crowd. I do agree, autumn is coming nearer every day. I've been out walking this week and the signs are there. I'll take it as long as winter holds off for quite some time yet.