Thursday, August 12, 2021

Time and Distance

The boys are still wary of Portia. She will swat at them sometimes as they pass, but usually only if she is lying in her box. And if she rushes at them and they run, she will chase them, which accentuates the problem. But that problem is a minor one, and things are much better than I had thought they would be when Po first arrived. Even so, one afternoon I found the boys in the bedroom.

Where was their foster-sister?


  1. Now we know who "rules the roost" in your apartment!! :-)

  2. THIS is THE best laugh out loud I have had in weeks!!!

  3. "Hey! We're safe from her up here!"

  4. Portia the Cat World Dominator. Man cats evidently are easily

  5. Ha! Yes, they're all taking refuge away from Portia, giving her the floor. Literally. :-P

  6. Yes! Portia has a new title...
    Queen Portia..and as we know..
    Portia is a protagonist of William
    Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice...
    A rich, beautiful, intelligent heiress
    of Belmont....well Canada actually..! :).

    HeHe! There's only one thing to do with a
    tummy like that..Tickle! Tickle!
    Come on you boys..get off the bed and play! :O).

  7. It's wise to allow plenty of room for the Queen!

  8. Portia, you go, girl!
    And again, thank you for your kind words and sentiments for The PO'M.
    We did a lot of hugging during the two weeks he was inside, so I know he felt loved and safe.

  9. Renn: doodz...what do we do ??
    Neville: ask de catfather ~~~~~~
    Catfather: all hail ~~~~~ queen portia !!!!! :) ♥♥

    Portia: damn straight ~~~ ♥♥☺☺☺

  10. Its like a party - boys in one room, lonely girl in another.

  11. LOL!!! This was too funny! I wonder how long they were stranded on the bed? At least they have a safe place to land. Portia is definitely queen of her realm!

  12. Those photos tell a big story. I can just hear the boys whispering among themselves about each and every imagined thing they can think about Po. Of course she is thinking about how they are right where they need to be and darn, isn't it nice here all stretched out! MOL MOL

  13. Funny! She's ruling the roost. :)

  14. A picture tells a good story!
    Thank you for the kind words on Abby this week. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  15. That's too cute and funny! Portia all relaxed and hanging out, whilst the mancats look a bit taken aback!