Friday, September 10, 2021

The Weighting Game

It was time once again to weigh the beasts at the Cosy Apartment. I try to weigh them more often than I do, but since I don’t have the scales, it isn’t always convenient. The results when I was able to gauge their poundage this week were interesting and unsatisfactory.

30th January, 2021

Renn:           7.55 kg (16.65 lb)

Tucker:         5.43 kg (12 lb)

Neville:         6.84 kg (15 lb)


8th June, 2021

Renn:           7.35 kg (16.2 lb)

Tucker:         5.32 kg (11.73 lb)

Neville:         7.00 kg (15.43 lb)

Portia:          6.35 kg (14 lb)


8th September, 2021

Renn:           6.83 kg (15 lb)

Tucker:         5.03 kg (11.1 lb)

Neville:         7.45 kg (16.42 lb)

Portia:          7.26 kg (16 lb)

As may be seen, there are two pairs; one gained, one lost, and I don’t care for either direction. Both my oldest boys lost weight. For Renn, it is unusual. He has hovered about the same heft for a long time; his numbers in January and June were typical of most of his weights. He has lost a pound and a half since the beginning of the year, most of it in the last few months. Tucker, too, is missing something since January, though his loss has been more gradual.

The other pair have increased themselves rather substantially. Neville seems to have gathered in what Tucker has shed while Portia - poor Portia! - has added two pounds to her sides since coming to stay with me. Evidently, the living is good at the Cosy Apartment.

I am not pleased with any of these amounts. Tucker’s change is undoubtedly attributable to his kidney failure, which can cause decreased protein in the body and a loss of appetite. Renn’s diminished numbers are a bit troubling, since they are combined with periods of less eating. Of course, fifteen pounds is a decent weight for any cat, and not normally indicative of anything wrong. But Renn’s weight has been constant for a long time, so the abrupt dip is of concern. I won’t take him to the veterinary yet, but will weigh him again in a month and compare. At just fourteen years of age, he should not be suffering such a drastic change.

My two fatties are a little less worrisome to me, but nonetheless, something needs to be done about them. Both have hearty appetites, and these will have to be refused more frequently. Just last night, I declined Po’s request for a bed-time snack - it’s funny how her posture is so easy to read, even this early in our acquaintance - and she was more than a little miffed at my decision.

Managing food in a house of several cats is difficult. But I will try to arrange matters to the beasts’ advantage while trying not to cause them discomfort or stress. I may have to ask the same consideration from them.


  1. if you do; and or want to increase weight on renn or the catfather; try kitten food; either canned or kibble; it's high in calories. boomer was on kitten canned { twice a week } for the last two years of his time here on earth, and kept at a steady weight ☺☺♥♥

    1. You’re right. I checked into the carbohydrate content and most kitten food has an acceptable level for diabetics, though I will have to be careful in my choice. And my boys are picky eaters. But it’s a good idea, and I will pick up a couple of tins to ry out on them this afternoon. Thank you.

  2. That is an excellent idea, Tabbies. I wonder what on earth Portia is doing to make her gain at the rate. Two pounds. That is considerable in a short time span. I wonder of she is snarfing up the boys' foods? Neville, I would not have thought it of ye, Laddie. Ye have gathered more flesh about yourself -and that right smartly. Perhaps the Cat Father can conduct some Field Exercises for and with you and Portia. Otherwise, the floors will creak when ye both come hence to the food bowls- and perhaps alarm Renn.

  3. The Tabbies idea to use kitten food to help maintain Tucker and Renn's weight is a great idea. But the hard thing will be keep Portia and Neville from eating it too.

  4. Yes, those weighty issues are always a concern in either direction. Kitten food is a good idea.

  5. Hope you can help your kitties gain/lose as is needed. I too used kitten food with Minko, back in the day.
    Do your losers like kitten milk? That might help add in calories and keep the hydration good,too.

  6. When we have had problems here with appetite we have switched feeding areas. Our Buddy started to lose at around 17 years along with renal issues. Luckily he was a 22 pound kibble junky when he arrived at age 8 and switching him back worked for years. None of the crew eat kibble but to keep him going I made an allowance for him. Timmy was another story he also now at on the table with me so I could watch what he ate. His cancer was a different story though and we could only manage for some months. Maybe either strategy would work for those losing. Poor Po will need some tough love to get her under control and maybe some extra play time. Purrs of encouragement

  7. I know that weight gain is really a concern when it gets too high. Precious has always had problems, and the only way I've been able to help somewhat is to keep around dry food that is low in fat. For her it is Purina One indoor maintenance. She has never liked canned food when I've tried it for her and it also made her gain weight instead of lose. Hope the kitties keep on being healthy for you.

  8. "I may have to ask the same consideration from them."

    Good luck with that one, John. :)

  9. The loss of weight is definitely a worry. It's far easier to cut back on food (despite the cat's complaints to the contrary), than to coax a cat to eat more.
    "Paws crossed" that things even out over the next few months.

  10. Good luck in your menu planning! I have a fat cat here, too, and just put him on a better food diet with less kibble. I'll be interested in how you manage because I might need to try your method if it works. It's so hard when they plead for more food.

  11. Here's hoping you find the path between enough and too much; most of us walk the same troubled road.