Sunday, November 21, 2021

In Good Fun

I’ve mentioned before, I think, that Hector is my easiest integration. He still runs after the other cats but, since his purpose seems to be to try to entice them to play, he is doing so with decreasing enthusiasm: he is realizing that, for the most part, he’s not going to find a playmate in the Cosy Apartment. When he is fired up and playing by himself, he will sometimes pounce on one of the others, but this rare. Usually, it is a matter of running up to one of them and tapping them with a paw. The reactions to this range from Portia taking exception to it and responding with whaps, to Tucker ignoring it.

Neville continues to be Hec’s perceived best bet for a playmate, and the boy still chases the Nevsky from time to time. But the fact that it is in good fun (on Hector’s part) and not resented (on Neville’s part) may be seen in the accompanying photograph. I don’t know who was first on the bed and who jumped up second, but in any case, the original occupant didn’t move.

Either my oldsters are becoming more tolerant in their increasing age (which seems unlikely) or they simply don’t mind the newcomer.


  1. Ahh Hector those oldies but goodies don't like to be as rambunctious as they once were. Hang in there you'll find a playmate once and in awhile!

  2. It is lovely to see them there relaxed in each other's company.

  3. Hopefully Hector will find a playmate soon. About 3 months ago I was asked to take in a stray cat that was left behind when his family moved out of my apartment complex. My 8 year old, (Joey) and Pete (the newcomer) have bonded and become friends. It just takes time and patience.

    1. I recall you writing about that in a comment at the time. I am glad the new boy has fit in so well.

  4. Hector, we hope you'll find your playmate at some point, either in another home or the Cosy Apartment. :-)

  5. Hector is the whipper snapper and the rest are mellow adults. Rug rats always have the energy and enthusiasm for new play mates. Neville looks like he's talking to you about Hector.

  6. That’s such a sweet photo. I do hope the two of them can become pals.

  7. Nice! I'm sure Hector adds some liveliness to the Cozy Apartment. And as long as he's not annoying the rest...too much...all is good.

  8. Hector is a fun guy and hopefully he will get a fun-time playmate soon!

  9. Awww, so much enthusiasm thwarted by the 'non-paw-ticipawnts'!
    Maybe one day, can hope and dream.

    Cute and sweet picture!

  10. I hope that Hector at least brings
    back a few memories for the older
    ones when they were younger..!
    At least Hector has a cross section
    of ages to contend with..Bless him!x

    AND..l recognize that grey furry tummy
    on the bed there..HeHe!x

  11. I thought for a second that Neville was on his back! THAT would have been a halcyon moment in the Cozy Apartment!

  12. Yes, Neville doesn't look too bothered by his proximity. Poor Hec! My TomTom wants to play but he's kind of rough so the other two keep their distance. So I'm his playmate :-)