Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Farewell

This morning, I learned that cat-dad Pete of “Tom Cat Commentary by Timmy” died on Saturday, 20th November.

I had inferred that he was battling some health issues recently, and his last blog-entry was from 26th October, so I knew something was wrong. As the time went by, and there was no new entry, I worried more and more, as did several others who followed his blog. A funeral home published his obituary:


But this obituary doesn’t write much about the man, really. I wish I could claim to have known him well, but aside from what I read on his blog and from the various comments we sent each other, I didn’t know him much at all.

However, I am aware of some things about Pete Cusack, gleaned from his blog and his comments. He was a funny and imaginative man. The personalities of his cats, elaborated in his blog, were as real to me as if they were cats I knew personally. The adventures he gave them were a delight to read, and I can only guess at the amount of time it took him to choose the right photographs to illustrate them. In many cases, he created images that were as inventive as they were fun.

Pete loved his cat-family; there are four remaining now, but there were many through the years. One of the reasons why I didn’t think, at least initially, that Pete’s last illness (whatever it was) would be fatal was that he hinted in a couple of blogs that he might be bringing in a new cat to join his household. That cat would have had a loving and happy life. I hope to learn that his cats - Rumpy, Toby, Einstein and Miss Fitz - are now in someone else’s loving care. I can’t believe that Pete, knowing that his health was not robust, wouldn’t have made provision for their happiness, if something bad were to occur to him.

Pete also loved his human family, his late parents, and his sister, who died before him. He would commemorate their lives on his blog at certain times.

Though I barely knew Pete, I feel that this is a personal loss, such vibrancy did he bring to his blog and his wonderful cats. I wish I could have thanked him for the enjoyment he brought me and, undoubtedly, others. Those who have never read his blog can find it here:

It may have been presumptuous of me to write all that I have above, knowing the man so little. But this is what I believe I did know of him, and it was all good. Godspeed, Pete, and thank you for all you did and wrote.


  1. I too only know Pete from what he'd posted on his blog, and my heart goes out to his family.
    Praying for his kitties, that they find comfort in their new home; I hope we can find out more soon.
    Rest In Peace, Angel Pete

  2. I wasn't aware of Pete's blog until now, but looking over it and his obituary, he must have been a wonderful guy.

    Considering that the obit made a point of listing his cats as among his survivors, I'm sure there is a good new home arranged for them. It may be hard for them to adjust to life without Pete, but I know they'll still have love.

  3. It is kind of you to post this sad news. I do hope the kitties are well provided for, however, they will miss their dad so much.

  4. I read that sad, sad news this morning. I, too, "knew" Pete only from visiting his blog on occasion, but he seemed to me to be an immensely loving, big-hearted person. And he always threw the BEST parties around the CB! The blogging world is greatly diminished by his passing, and I hope his fur family are well cared for, together in a new forever home. My deepest condolences to all who knew and cared about him.

  5. John, I was so glad to read your memorial to Dad Pete. I too only knew hm through his and his blog. But when Katie became ill this last time in the beginning of September, he reached out to try to help me pill Katie. His advice worked and I was able to trick Katie into taking the pill her last two times. I got to speak to him on the phone several times for a short period as he was trying to help me get Follow It going on my Mac. The last time was just a week before he passed. I am grateful to have known him. He was a fine man. He loved his furred family and they love him. This will be extraordinary for them without their Dad. Thank you John.

  6. Your tribute to Pete was lovely. I am not familiar with his blog, but from what you wrote, I could tell that he was a wonderful, caring person, and he will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and cats.

  7. The Pete I knew was a man of kindness and deep love for his cats. It is so sad when we hear about one of our own goes on ahead. It's sad and those of us here will miss him greatly, you did a fine tribute to him.

  8. I'm like everyone else, I only knew Pete though his blog and though some personal emails back and forth. I've heard from several today how much Pete helped them when they were down and out. Your tribute was quite lovely, we'll miss him lots.

  9. Thank you for this lovely post. We too were shocked and saddened by Pete's passing.

  10. We may have only knew Pete from his blog and through Facebook, but he was most definitely our friend, and we are heartbroken by his passing. We will miss him so much.

  11. This is a lovely tribute to Pete and says everything and more that I feel but couldn't put into words.
    Like most people, I only knew him through blogging but thought of him as a good friend. He seemed to instinctively know when I was going through a bad patch and would email me with encouragement.
    When he said he wouldn't be blogging as much I emailed to say that I hoped he was all right, then again when the time was going on. He never replied to either email which was unusual and worried me greatly. I only wish I could have said goodbye.

    1. I too wish I could have said 'good-bye' to Pete, to let him know how much he was loved and respected. That is a regret I have.

  12. Thank you for the tender memorial. Life can be to short.

  13. My sympathies to you John, and all who knew and followed Pete's blog. It was not one I'd stumbled across and it seems I've missed out.

  14. I also only knew Pete and the kitties through his blog. But like you it seemed like he was a good neighbor and he will be missed by all of us. I too feel he would have made preparations for the care of the cats,

  15. There is a void in the CB though. But it's filled with memory.