Saturday, November 27, 2021

Our Bachelor Household

Portia is now off on her great adventure. She left at about 10.30 this morning.

She will be exploring her new surroundings, I exepect. She did not hide when she first arrived at the Cosy Apartment, so I don’t think she will this time. She had occasion to spend several hours at a friend’s house during an inspection of my apartment some while ago, and it did not trouble her. This will be different, however; she may expect, as then, to return here toward night-time. It will be a bit of a shock to her to realise that she will be remaining in her new setting.

Because my fosters tend to be old, diabetic or otherwise less adoptable, they tend to depart through death, so this is much better than that, of course, but the effect can be the same: I heard someone crunching hard-food and when I looked, I could see only part of a face. The lighting made it look calico, and for a moment that did not seem odd to me. I am used to seeing portly Po about the place. It’s funny how some cats’ advent cause one to wish they would be adopted soon, and cease disrupting the old routine. Then, at some point, a switch is flipped, and one hopes that if there are any inquiries about them that they prove inappropriate, and they stay. But what is best for Portia is that she stay where she is now, happy in her new abode, rather than with me.

The Cosy Apartment has become a bachelors’ establishment. It hasn’t been one since the interval between Josie’s passing and Portia’s arrival; before that, never. It feels odd, a home full of single males. I feel like I should be in a university dorm-room, looking in the refrigerator for leftover pieces of pizza from the night before, or in a boarding house run by a kindly lady we all call ‘Ma’ and who thinks of us as her ‘boys’. (The benefit of the latter scenario is that we could probably work it into a hit 1940s radio series.)

This situation may not last. I suspect that there will be another addition to the Cosy Apartment, but certainly not until I am sure that Portia has found her new place. (Of course, even then, she will be welcomed back if things go awry elsewhere.) For now, however, we guys will be free to track dirt everywhere, make irritating noises, eat sloppily and stay up all night.

Wait a minute… I think that’s been happening for about fourteen years…


  1. I will be holding my breath, figuratively speaking, for an update. Our paws and fingers are crossed for her and her new human. 🀞

  2. I sure hope this works out well for Portia!

    Have fun in your Bachelor mode, LOL!

  3. We do hope sweet Portia adapts quickly, she seems so easy going...maybe she'll hunt down her happy!

  4. I certainly hope Portia is happy in her new home. Like you have said, she would be welcomed back if that is not the case. Either way, she deserves to be treated as the princess she truly is.

    Have fun with the boys! Why do fart noises and burps spring to mind?

  5. You totally made my evening, John. Best blog !!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Portia is in her new home. Hopefully she will be happy and adapt to her new surroundings quickly. She had been with you for awhile, so I'm sure it feels strange that she is no longer there. Meanwhile, please keep us posted about how she is doing.

  7. We have our paws and fingers crossed for Po in her new place. Hve fun in the boys' dorm. :)

  8. Happy news ALL round John..Your a
    diamond to do what you do..l certainly
    could'nt do it..!
    Hope Portia will be happy and love her
    new home..!x

    And..I'm sure the boys will be watching
    over you..make sure you don't track dirt
    everywhere, make irritating noises, eat
    sloppily and stay up all night..! HeHe!
    Bless! 😼 🐾🐾

  9. Wonderful news for Porsha. We have our Paws crossed here that she finds her forever home with this lady. It'll be a girl's house there and a boy's house at your place. Just don't let any of them men in the house start smoking cigars and watching sports channels all night long.

  10. I do hope she's settling in. It's an ideal home for her and perfect for a princess! She might enjoy being in an all female abode.

  11. I am glad Portia as her new home and hope she settles in well. I am equally glad that you will always have a place for her if things don't work out. In the meantime enjoy your bachelor days with the boys.

  12. May she have a long and happy life with her new human. Coincidentally enough, a friend of mine adopted a cat from her local shelter yesterday. I hope that will work out well for both of them, too.

    1. One lucky shelter cat will have a happy future now. Good fortune to them.

  13. Hoping for whatever is the best for Portia to happen. I can easily understand the suddenness of her departure and how it makes the shift in the house, and as you said that is normally through loss and not through adoption, but a shift none the less. Once they become a part of us, it is us who has to change to a new normal. I wish everyone well....and I know that with her departure a new arrival may happen which in and of itself is a good outcome for all concerned.

  14. We are purring for Portia, hoping she's in her furrever home now.
    Sweetie and I push back against the maleness in the house; we are the bulwark against that testosterone.

  15. all de best two ewe PO.....we send bloo gil, trout, salmon, perch, halibut N red snapper that ewe haz manee manee yeerz oh happee in yur new for everz ♥♥♥♥♥