Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Our Health

A few readers have asked how things have progressed with us in the Cosy Apartment over the last few days.

Renn is feeling better but cannot shake his cold. His nose is crusty from snot, which I try to clean up with varying degrees of success, and he sneezes a great deal. This he contrives always to do in my face. But otherwise, he is faring well, behaving normally and eating a good amount again.

Minuet is eating a combination of her seniors’ food and Recovery, which seems to appeal to her sufficiently for now. She threw up last night – this time I found the evidence – and I suspect that it was due to giving her too much Recovery which, as I wrote previously, might be too rich for her. I am therefore reducing the ratio of that food to her other, but mixing it well, so the taste of Recovery is prevalent.

Neville and Hector are the same as always – for the time being – and providing me with no health-related worries.

For myself, I am having rather more discomfort these days, because, I think, of the shifting of swelling in the regions affected by my surgery. The pills I was given by the doctor to contain pain are not working well, but I can relax by lying down. Standing increases the pain and, since there are things that must be done, surgery or not, this presents a problem some times. However, I have a number of friends who are helping me here cope with the situation, for which I am grateful.

Once the swelling reduces, which I expect will occur in the next few days, things will improve. Until then, I am no worse off than most people following an operation, and better off than many. And, with a return to winter outside (hopefully a temporary state), the Cosy Apartment is indeed cosy, and a happy resort for all of its residents.


  1. It seems that things are pretty much status quo with the cats, and that's good. But at the risk of sounding like "Nancy Nurse", I was concerned that your pain medication does not appear to be working well. Perhaps you should give the doctor a call and see he could either order a different medication or adjust the dose of your current pain medication. After all, John, why be uncomfortable if you can get relief?

    1. Here here! I was going to write the same as Roberta.

  2. Good to hear all is going well in the cozy apartment with you and the cats:)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Pleased to hear things are coming together
    John..And lying down is sometimes for the
    better..after all..look how long cats spend
    laid down..and asleep..bless them! :).
    Long may it continue..! :O).

  4. It sounds like a time of recovery for both yourself and Minuet and Renn. For Renn, this is the perfect time for you to have two weeks off. You can make sure that the cold gets no worse. Spending quality time keeping him clean . Hopefully you will find more comfort for yourself in the coming days with no complications. Wishing the best for you and all for cats.

  5. Lots of purrs to Renn and to you, for your recoveries. We're glad you have help when you need it, John. Every surgery is a trauma to the body and takes time to heal. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed that nothing else untoward happens with anyone in the Cosy Apartment.

  6. Happy to hear everything is going okay. I agree with Roberta, pain meds are their to make you comfortable while you heal. You need something a little stronger.
    I do hope Renn shakes this cold. My cats never had colds till TomTom had one. They have been each sneezing off and on. I pick up their dishes after eating and I think that's helping. TomTom loves to clean everyone's plate and pass his germs!
    I do hope each day gets better for you and Renn.

  7. At least Renn is eating normally; that should help him heal.

    I remember your surgeon warned you that there would probably be swelling. Hopefully, that won't last long, but I agree with the others; if the pain meds aren't working, you should ask your doctor about trying something else. Everyone reacts differently to different medications; it sounds like these just aren't right for you.

  8. Poor Renn, of course he has to sneeze in your face. It seems to be a cat rule.

    I hope the swelling and pain dissapates quickly. Glad to hear you have others than can give you a hand as needed. I bet the cats are enjoying having you home and prone for part of the time. :)

  9. guyz....we musta mizzed sum post{s} ....renn...we iz sorree dood yur havin sum snifflin trubullz...did we ever menshunz L lysine...dad mite wanna look inta it; it helpz with cat coldz....minuet we iz sorree yur foodz seem ta like de floor better N yur stomach N hope dadz new plan oh actshun werkz...N pleez ta tell dad that plane ole ordinaree aspirin mite werk ta help him ...better N de stuff de doc dood gived him...trooth ♥♥♥

  10. The PO'M would sneeze in my face too...well, he did EVERYTHING in my face, because I always had it right up next to him!
    Purring that Madame and Renn improve, as does your healing surgery site.
    And you have some good friends; purrs to them.

  11. I am so grateful to know that friends are coming to help. That is a must. Thank goodness. I agree with Roberta and the others who asked if you wouldn't contact your physician and ask for something else as this isn't helping. I had one pain pill that I told the Dr. is like drinking a glass of water with nothing going down. Sine do alright with it. Let us know how you fare with the Dr. please. Renn...of course you sneeze in Dad's face. Katie makes sure I get the same treatment. Mme you look stern and in charge in your spotted robe.

  12. We do hope the all better shows up for you and every other kitty soon!

  13. We are glad things seem to be going okay for you all, but are sending extra purrs for Renn and you!