Friday, July 8, 2022


’Twas evening, and the silly cats

Did look up at the sound of food:

All rose up from their beds and mats,

And ate, both fine and crude.


The human too must eat his fill;

Long time he prepared his dinner -

With veggies froze’ and meat he’ll eat till

He’s filled and won’t grow thinner.


A bag of peas and carrots, too,

Were taken from the freezer cold,

One little pea, both round and smooth

Beneath the burner rolled!


“One, two, three, four! Much to do and do,”

The human said, “I’ll get it

“Later.” Though he really knew

He would of course forget it.

Oh, hot the burner did grow now

And seared the pea, alas, alack!

The pulse exploded with a ‘pow!’

Like a war attack.


The human knew not peas would burst

And scatter fragments in the air.

He thought a tin or round rock first

Had tumbled from its lair.


Beware the pea, my boy, where found!

The terror of the garden patch!

Beware the tiny bomb; that sound

Will cause your head to scratch!


’Twas evening, and the silly cats

Did look up at the sound of food:

All rose up from their beds and mats,

And ate, both fine and crude…


  1. HaHa! Brilliiant John..Food for thought..! :O).

  2. Good grief, your lone pea poem had my mind reeling back in time, to an old film entitled "Murder By Decree" staring Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes, and James Mason as Dr. John Watson. In one scene, Watson is stabbing a plate with his fork, trying to nab a pea. Holmes reaches over, and smashes the pea, to the outcry of "Holmes, you've squashed my pea!"
    Ahh, good times...

    1. I liked that film, and I recall the scene. Plummer made an excellent Holmes. He also played him in a one-off episode of a series called "The Sunday Drama"; it was an adaptation of "Silver Blaze".

  3. Great poem! Who knew a pea could explode like that!

  4. Who knows, the author may grow thinner without the extra pea.

  5. What a great poem. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has disasters in the kitchen.

  6. Brilliantly written, well done! I, too, didn't realize peas would explode. At least it was only one. It might have been like a mini-fireworks had it been a handful!

  7. You could have your own cooking show!

  8. That reminds me of a "Rumpole of the Bailey" episode where Horace was forced to make his own dinner. Trying to open a bag of peas, he scattered them around the kitchen, with some, as I recall, exploding on the stove!

  9. I am now bent on exploding a pea! I have some victims in the freezer and I can see how long it takes for the fireworks. I love peas for eating purposes, but I am not above placing one in danger simply for my entertainment. I will beware of my eyes! If the worst hapens I shall post a picture of myself with a black patch over my eye.

  10. Well I had no idea! Peas explode! Well done with the creativity!

  11. Learned something new today!! Too funny, and I love how you rocked it with 'versification'!!

  12. Who knew? I'm a sloppy cook and things fall below the burner more often than I'd like to admit, but I've never yet had anything explode. Well, unless you count the bottom of the enamel pot that popped and melted on the burner, requiring replacement of said burner.