Saturday, August 26, 2023

Maybe I Would Like That

For a few months, Renn has been coming to the dining table at dinner-time and waiting to be given morsels of the meal. He has done this sporadically for years, but now it is a habit, from which he will refrain only on one of his off-days. He will sit on the edge of the dining area and wait.

My big boy will not receive anything messy, such as a portion of stew, but if I am eating chicken or beef, he enjoys pieces, cut small enough so as not to present too much trouble for his few teeth. His favourite fare is roasted pork, probably because of the strong taste derived from the fat.

And if I am fortunate enough to have a rare helping of ice cream, Renn gets to lick the bowl (only vanilla, in his case). This too is something new. Perhaps he recalls Tucker’s fondness for the dessert.

No matter what the age, no matter how set in his ways, something always seems to be changing in a cat. It’s usually a minor alteration, which is probably good, and the core character remains constant. But now and then, a cat seems to think to himself, “You know, maybe I would like that…”


  1. Just one of the lovely idiosyncrasies of our feline overlords.

  2. I agree. That is what they think on occasion and it is a ray of goodness for us to see.

  3. Dearest John,
    Well, as I often say: Our kitties think they are human/kitties and through their complete trust in us—they want our food.

  4. My poppy didn't like people food, but I support a cat who does. Life is always made better with a little ice cream.

  5. Kitties are always surprising us in one way or another!

  6. Reminds me of Fudge, who lives a couple
    of doors away...he enjoys sharing my meals,
    out on the patio, especially on a Sunday, as l
    always have a roast...
    He will sit there watching me eat, l will then cut
    off a little meat for him, usually chicken, he will
    take it from the side of the plate, eat it quietly,
    then look up at me and say...'any more of that'...
    HeHe! He always enjoys a little gravy, at the
    end...! :).
    Though he was'nt to happy last Sunday....I had
    my home made curry...still..l fried him a little
    chicken, he was quite happy with that...! :O)

  7. It is nice to see them decide to try something different. Eric would pester for people food, but when offered it would walk away in disgust.
    I love your right up for Aurora and hope she soon gets her forever home.

  8. I agree that life is better with treats, whatever they are! Derry never ate people food until Nicki passed. Then he decided that perhaps he'd like an occasional sample. His favourite was medium rare steak, a rare (no pun intended) treat for us both. 🙂

  9. Renn is obviously a guy who knows what he wants, and judging by that photo, he knows how to get it.

    Most of my cats have been indifferent to human food. The one exception has been a particular brand of white cheddar that I get at Aldi's. Ernie won't even look at any other cheese--or anything else I eat--but he's crazy about that one cheddar.

  10. Way to go Renn. Annabelle of all things loves nearly anything dairy. If I eat cottage cheese she is like me me me give some of that to me. Milk based she is on it!

  11. Katie and Hopping John both loved their scrambled eggs. The got them each Sunday morning And other times, they had a little finger bowl with minced baked turkey, minced baked chicken, peas, and corn...each in turn. NO one else wants it including Katie. Robin also loved Doritos. She got a few shards. Once she was given a whole piece. OH, and tiny tastes occasionally of potato chip edges.

    1. Tucker, who liked many kinds of human food, would eat potato chips, but I always felt anxious about giving them to him straight from the bowl, so I chewed them into a small ball first. He didn't mind.

  12. Not ever having cats I had no idea what type of food they like, until I started blogging and discovered soma amazing kitties like Katie Isabelle

  13. Not having cats I had no idea what type of food they liked until I started blogging and finding some wonderful kitties such as Katie Isabella

  14. Saku truly likes dairy products but they don't agree with him. I will give the teeniest taste of ice cream (though that's a rarity). But cheese of any sort is an absolute no-no.
    But he's a mooch when it comes to chicken. Enjoy it when you can Renn!