Monday, August 7, 2023

Miss Silky's Dinner-time Routine

While we wait for Brazil to come out and be friends, I thought I would continue relating the adventures of the perma-cats. In truth, there may be many adventures related before we see Brazil…

As readers may recall, Imogen enjoys eating her meals on top of the cylinder-house cat-tree. She will eat directly from her small bowl (it used to be Tungsten’s, lo these many years ago) but, as the amount diminishes, she likes to scoop portions out with her paw. Sometimes, she will lick them into her mouth from there; other times, they fall and she finds them on the cylinder-house’s roof.

After the meal, Imo will invariably hurry to the top of one of the sitting room’s tall bookcases, where she will wash herself clean.

Then, it’s over to the bookcase’s twin for a rest, sometimes peering down at lesser beings to see what they are up to. I am still surprised at how quickly Miss Silky developed routines about the apartment. I think she must have felt secure rather swiftly here, allowing her to form habits, which, in turn, reinforced her security. It’s as if she’s been here for years.

One thing she has not included in her routine is the new water-fountain. It was obtained from a friend, but so far, none of the cats has drunk from it. Neville has ignored it, Renn has sniffed at it, and Imogen has watched Renn sniff at it and wonder why he’s bothering.


  1. I love the next-to the-last picture. Imogen looks so cute looking over the top of the book case. She sure feels at home.

  2. Cats are such funny creatures. I've had a cat fountain of one kind or another for at least 3 years. Saku will use if no one is watching (I've caught him at it), but still prefers a dripping tap, or a coffee cup.
    Glad ot hear that Imogen is settling in so nicely. Here's hoping Brazil will too.

  3. Bless her..! I think she's got her life in the
    Cozy Apartment sorted...!x

    Water Fountain,,? I'm afraid that has gone
    over the top of me 'ead..HeHe! :).

  4. She has made herself well at home. Love her laying on top of the book case. If Flynn had a flavour of food which was not his favourite he would slowly eat it from his paw and flick half of it over the fridge door to show his displeasure.

  5. They all have their own funny habits don't they.

  6. It is wonderful how well she has settled in in a not very long time. So who does the cleanup on the top of the cat tree? I doubt seriously if it's Imogen.

  7. No one in this house who is furred ever drank from a fountain. I wasted money 3 times.

  8. Imo!
    Good for you, sisfur; you've got your routine and have settled in.
    No water fountain has worked here either.

  9. I wonder if being in the same apartment building as her previous home has helped her adjust? Different apartment, different human, but no change in the general location.

    And years ago, when I had a small indoor decorative fountain, the cats loved drinking from it, so I got a real "cat fountain" for their water.

    Not one of them ever went near it.