Sunday, August 13, 2023

Recorded for Posterity

You may remember my blog-article on the day Astrid’s kittens were born. That was June 4th. They are nine weeks old now and have had their first veterinary visit and official photo-session for the rescue-group’s website. They are, in descending order, Chiff (the only girl), Dale, Raven and Theodore (who always looks worried).

Garry, found later, was adopted by Astrid and is ten weeks old.

Aurora, another orphan, was also accepted by the little mother, and is about three months of age.

While the youngsters are of course well into regular kitten-food, they seemed to need comfort after the medical appointment. Even Garry, not so old as to be brave under such circumstances, needed his mum. Astrid put up with this for several minutes.

And some parents think they have problems getting the kids to move out of the basement…


  1. That poor over worked wet nurse of a mother cat! All look so healthy and content with their turn at the bottle.

  2. Nothing could make me such happier than these pictures and the story you have given us about Astrid's HUGE family. That last picture just made my year!

  3. I agree with Katie - your post made my year!! Thanks so much for your update. Astrid is a terrific mother, and her kittens are just adorable.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Lovely family:)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. Aww, that's a whole lot of cuteness right there!

  6. Hehehe, love your final comment about kids. Each and every life there is so special and will bring much joy to their new homes. Lovely to have growing up shots to pass on, too.

    1. Well said. And I completely agree that the photo is a loving memento of their lifetimes.

  7. And..The ultimate photo is at the
    end there...Bless! xxxxx

  8. Astrid is a terrific mom! All her babies, biological and adopted, are utterly adorable. I hope they all find wonderful forever homes, including Astrid of course, and how lovely it would be if some of them would be adopted together. Smooches to them all. :-)

  9. Seeing them brightens my morning. Have long and happy lives, little ones. You'll never know how lucky you were to be saved from a life on the streets.

  10. Awww.. so glad to see they are all thriving! Astrid is such a wonderful mom.
    And I'm only trying to get the kid out of the basement so I can move into one. :p