Sunday, July 28, 2019

He Screams for Ice Cream

More than six years ago, I wrote in this blog about Tungsten’s liking of ice cream, and how she appeared to have distracted me one time in order to lick some from my bowl. These days, it is Tucker who enjoys a taste of the dairy product.

Tucker isn’t devious; he is obvious. He has a certain cry that he emits only when he wants something that I am eating. He doesn’t make much of a sound when he is hungry in general, or when I am preparing his own food. Cat-food is not, apparently, exotic enough for comment. But when the ice cream comes out, it’s a different matter.

And it’s a different matter at the exact moment the ice cream is removed from the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. The roly poly one knows its container, and he starts crying as soon as he spies it. He is insistent.

I don’t eat ice cream often myself. I usually treat myself to it during my holidays, and I am finishing the remains of that treat. But there is always enough to leave a little pool of it in the bottom of the bowl, an amount that will hardly do a cat harm. And, if I work hard at it, I can persuade myself that Tucker is actually asking for some politely.


  1. Good on you Mr Tucker. It made us smile to think of you both enjoying a small treat together.

  2. Well done Tucker on recognising the ice cream container. Of course Tucker is asking politely. He knows that is the way to get his treat.

  3. Ah! Bless! The first pussy~cat l had, when
    returning to this country in 73..was Darlinga!
    Back then we'd sit in the front room in front
    the TV, and eat, off of our trays, so Darlinga
    used to check out the plates on the trays, and
    want to join in..Always fun and games if we had
    spaghetti..she would get it ALL over the place,
    mostly on her face and fur..! Bless! :).

    Recently l get Fudge..pussy~cat who lives couple
    doors away, who enjoys a saucer of milk, but if
    l'm eating lunch say, he pokes his nose in, lovely
    photos of him with his nose in my dinner..! :).
    So, l always put a little to one side of the plate
    for him..HeHe! Naughty boy..! 😼 🐾🐾

  4. That's a yummy treat for Tucker, no "politely" about it, I'm sure. Ha.

    I don't usually have ice cream on hand, and if I do it's got chunks of things that cats should eat, but Nicki does like some yogurts, not all brands. I don't eat a lot of yogurt, but when I do, I offer him a tiny bit. Sometimes he licks it up, sometimes not.

  5. What a sweetie that Tucker is! Waiting patiently on the chair for his dessert. My Lucy loves her ice cream too, but like you, only the little pool at the bottom of the bowl.

  6. Tucker sure knows that he wants and how to get it! But then, he's a cat...I think that's a characteristic of all cats. At least he goes about voicing his demands politely!

  7. dood...just rememburr who ewe R; next time therz noe knead ta bee pole lite... if dad doez knot give way { catfather } de codd mother likez her ice creem two !! :) ☺☺♥♥

  8. A wee pool of melty ice cream will do no harm to a kitty, who enjoys it so!

  9. Funny! Saku is the ice cream kitty here and like Tucker he senses when the ice cream bars come out of the fridge. Sadly for him, I bought popsicles this time. I keep for Eli though have been known to enjoy one once in awhile.

  10. Oh mercy! Tungsten does not need much ice cream!!! >,-)))) He is a round-ball-of-love already.

    This being said, by someone, who also, does not need much ice cream! :-)

  11. All the furs here like a bit of ice cream, some more than others, but only our Rumpy asks for a taste. Of course he wants a taste of just about everything