Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Raleigh Goes for a Check-up

Raleigh goes to the doctor this afternoon. There is nothing new to worry about in his case, but it’s been a while since he’s had a veterinary look at him; specifically, his mouth. I reduced the amount of Prednisolone he is receiving from a full tablet once a day to three quarters. The goal is to wean him off it completely, but when I have attempted it in the past, it has affected him adversely, even a small reduction. This time, however, he seems to be coping adequately. It’s one of the things I will talk to the doctor about.

I am actually nervous about catching the Peach to put him in his carrier. He is very skittish, and doesn’t always come up to me for petting. There is no sense in me trying to approach him when he doesn’t want it: he runs and there is no catching him. I have to wait until he comes to me and then grab him. I don’t like that, either, as it seems like I am breaking the little trust he is developing in me. But it must be done. I hope he approaches me some time close to his appointment…

I will report the results of his appointment tomorrow.


  1. Best of luck to you both! Cats seem to sense when they're about to be carted off to the v-e-t (or sense some general impending doom). I hope it won't be a "10" on the stress scale, but much lower!

  2. What a nice photo of Mr Raleigh.

  3. And he looks so content there, too. I hope all will go well for the Peachy One.

  4. dood....best fizhez two ewe two morrow N ask de cat father wear trout town iz; knot manee noe; him doez, if ya wanna ezcape...☺☺we will hide ya out til de day iz done ! ☺☺♥♥

  5. I'll be anxious to hear how Raleigh does at the vet today. Hopefully he'll get a good report. In the past I've had problems getting cats into the carrier when it's check up time. I've learned that if I leave the carrier out for a day or two before the vet appointment, the cats will play in it and use it as a bed. Therefore, it's no longer associated with a vet visit, and it makes catching them and getting them into the carrier a lot easier. I also put a used towel in the bottom of the carrier so that it has a familiar scent.

  6. My fingers are crossed for both a successful capture, and a fruitful vet visit for Raleigh! Look at him, all sacked out right in the middle of the bed...awww!

  7. Wishing Raleigh good luck with his appointment. Saku will run as well if he thinks he's going to be put in the carrier...but thankfully he's a sucker for cat treats. Good luck to you too!

  8. He looks so peaceful sleeping on the bed. I hope his visit goes well and not too stressful for either of you.

  9. He is a little peach, isn't he? Best of luck.

  10. Hoping you do not have to struggle to get him in the carrier.
    He is really lucky to have you! I hope the appointment brings positive results!!!!

    Check out my homeless cat blog archives about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona


  11. I hope all was okay including the cat capture.

  12. Reminded me of Darlinga..my first pussy~cat
    when l came back to this country in 73..now
    she was terrified of the cat basket, soon as
    she saw it..she was off..! :).
    So l hid the basket in another room, went and
    picked her up, made a fuss of her, walking towards
    the cat basket, covering her eyes at the same time!
    HeHe! Then..quick as lightening, l had to put her in
    the basket, close the door behind her..before she could
    turn round and try and get out...Jeeese! What a performance!
    And yet George..up there on the left..l could put the
    basket on the table, leave the door open, and in he'd
    go..no fuss, no bother...amazing! :).

    Hope all's well with Raleigh..Bless!x

  13. Oh my goodness, d I ever ever know what THAT'S like what with Admiral. She and I used to blog about it. She was anguished. Not too strong a word. Having to go once a week at least in the last year of her life was as stressful for me as it was for her.

  14. Miss Fitz is much like that and needs to be approached only when she is happy like having breakfast or dinner. We do hope he is alright and can slowly come off the steroids. Our Rumpy's asthma is doing well since he came off his steroids but it may be that it is summer. Time will tell