Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Letter from a Tranquil Lake

My holidays have commenced and, so far, I like them. It has long been a belief of mine that unemployment would be the ideal state for most people in the world, if it were not for the usual accompaniment of poverty. Unfortunately, to forestall the latter, I must have a gainful job, at least eventually. For now, though, I have free time at my disposal. This is where I imagine myself today.

Back in the cosy apartment, Cammie is doing adequately in her new role of household blind cat. She mastered the tall staircase swiftly. The day after I demonstrated to her how she could use the steps to her advantage, I saw her using them on her own, descending hesitantly but definitely to the floor from the bed. She soon decided that what was good for going down served equally well for going up. She now uses the tall staircase in both directions. She continues to use the shorter set at the foot of the bed, but most often for going down.

At night, once I am comfortably in bed, I will talk to Cammie and, if she is in the mood, she will come and lie on my head. Instead of leaping up to the top of the mattress as previously, though, she will climb the stairs. I hear a gentle, repetitious ‘thump’ as she takes each step in turn; then, a grey form in the gloom appears level with my eyes, and the princess finds her spot. This takes a little more time and effort than it once did, and I have been kneed in the chin, kicked in the eye and scratched on the nose as my blind cat settles down.

She wanders about the apartment, trying still to gain her bearings. Sometimes, she may not know where she is, or who is near her. Raleigh has taken a liking to the new towel / blankets, and risked the wrath of the princess to enjoy the one in the bedroom.

I am sad that Cammie does not have much stimuli these days. She never played much before, and being unable to see anything makes any attempt to play more of a threat than an entertainment. But I spend time with her, and hearing her purr in return shows that she still finds some enjoyment in life. As for me, my Siamese girl may be sightless, but she remains a vision.

As for the others, Raleigh is suffering through another illness, something along the lines of a cold. His eyes run, his nose drips, he looks miserable. But he continues to eat, thank goodness, and even gamely tries to play. I am trying to reduce his Prednisolone dosage at the moment; since I am on holiday, I can gauge the reaction better. That drug connives with his FIV to lower his immunity to ailments even further, but he needs it to fight his stomatitis. It is to be hoped, however, that the amount he receives will be increasing diminished. I will be obtaining some anti-biotics for him, and will make a doctor’s appointment for next week. He will hate that, but it’s about time we had a professional look inside Peachy’s mouth, and see its state.

The other three (I am still getting used to the smaller number of cats here since the second day of June) are as they always are. Here Renn and Josie are doing what they seem to love best, roasting in the evening sunshine. And, in case you can’t go without seeing the roly poly being cute, here is Tucker, with his chin resting on a little toy-mouse, the tiniest pillow he could find.


  1. Thanks so much for the update on your cats. It sounds like they are all doing reasonably well, even though Raleigh has a cold, (which hopefully won't last too long). Cammie seems to be adjusting slowly but surely. Perhaps she would enjoy playing with toys that made some type of noise. She would be able to chase them by following the sound. Also, having her play on an uncarpeted surface might interest her, as she could hear where the toy is located. The picture of her lying in the sun is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. It's nice to get an update, and a mostly "tranquil" one at that. I, too, hope Raleigh recovers quickly from the cold.

    As for Cammie, like Roberta already commented, would she be interested in a different type of toy? Does she like catnip? She doesn't need sight to enjoy that!

    Purrs from my two to all your crew. May your holiday continue to be tranquil.

  3. That sweet Cammie always steals our hearts.

  4. "My Siamese girl may be sightless, but she remains a vision"
    Now that line is so full of love, that reading it gives my heart a squeeze! Here's hoping the vet has a longer term solution for Raleigh.

  5. I'm still sad about Cammie's condition. It was so nice of those strangers to give you those steps!
    Poor Raleigh! I hope he feels better soon.

  6. Pleased to read Cammie is getting used to
    everything, and getting on with her life!
    Bless! Her!

    Reminded me of my George..who during the winter
    months, used to jump up onto the bed, as l was
    dozing off, he'd creep up over the quilt, climb
    under the quilt, turn round and put his head next
    to mine on the pillow..AND! He'd wake me up with
    his snoring..! HeHe! :).

    Enjoy yer brake John..! 😸 😻

  7. I am glad to have an update on all the fur family and how each is doing. Love that Cammie is using her steps and once the others think of it, they too will be doing the same. I see that I am not the only one who's head becomes the cat's bed at night. Now mind, I have gotten used to it after close to two years and find it rather warm and soothing what with the resultant purring that resonates through my head straight from her tummy that is draped over it.

  8. Good news for Cammie. My Silver was never a cat to play even as a kitten. I know that cats have different temperaments and personalities and I like to think that Cammie too is happy just to be comfortable, safe, and enjoying your loving care.

    Hope Raleigh is feeling better soon. Good luck on the vet appointment.

    Enjoy your vacation - it is well deserved!