Monday, July 29, 2019

Things That Go 'Clang' in the Night

I wake several times in the night. I often wake about four o’clock; I have to get up to start my day at about five during the week, about five-thirty on weekends. When I wake at four, I can usually fall asleep again without trouble, and gain advantage from the hour remaining. When I wake at four-thirty or so, I have difficulty returning to sleep, probably because my mind, knowing how close it is to the moment I must rise, anticipates being roused by the alarm, and keeps wondering when it will go off.

This preamble sets the stage for Sunday morning. I woke at four o’clock and, realizing that I had another ninety minutes or so in which to sleep, drifted back into unconsciousness. I was woken abruptly forty-five minutes later by a metallic clang. I am sure it wasn’t part of my dream, as much as I am sure it did not originate from outside. Something had fallen, or was pushed, inside the apartment. I got up and searched, but found nothing out of the ordinary. All was as it should have been.

The cats looked innocent of any wrong-doing. In fact, they appeared surprised that I was up so early, and wandering about the apartment in the twilight before dawn. Nothing seemed to have dropped onto the floor; there was no debris; all was in its place. I think Josie even suggested that I was hearing things. I went back to bed but - the time being so close to when I had to rise - I could not regain my slumbers, and lie awake for another half-hour. Cammie thought it a good moment to come and lie on my head.

I still haven’t discovered what made the noise or, almost as significant, who made it. But I have thoughts on the subject. Here are the usual suspects…


  1. Yep, every cat has a halo over their heads...

  2. Is there a clue in the photos? I love a good mystery, but usually am only fair at deduction.

    What astonishes me is that your fur crew permitted you to go back to bed! Nicki will make such a ruckus if I'm up before I want to be (hmm, I'm always up before I want to be), but then return to bed, that it's pointless to try unless it's before 4 AM. Even then, it's touch and go with him.

    1. No clues in the pictures, I'm afraid. The only thing in which they act in concert is keeping me in ignorance.

  3. well we noe tiss de naybor catz waz left out oh de line up.....
    guyz ya noe what they say; guiltee til proooved other wize.....
    ~~~~~~~~ may bee thatz de other way round ~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺☺

  4. must have been that "not me" cat that visits here sometimes :)

  5. They all look the picture of innocence snoozing or relaxing the time away.

  6. It was Angel Parker paying you a visit and checking on things.

  7. They all seem to be keeping the secret very well. :)

  8. HaHa! They ALL look quite innocent to me..
    But! Don't they always..are your sure there
    was'nt an overturned ice~cream bucket on the
    floor..! :).

    ME! I could look/stare at pussy~cat photos/pics
    ALL day..Nothing like the real thing though! :).

  9. I have an idea what MAY have been the noise. I'll let you know...

  10. Ahh...everyone looks innocent to me. Perhaps this is a case for Sherlock Holmes and Watson. :-)

  11. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Those *Innocents* could not have caused the clang! Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... -giggles-

  12. My 'thuds' are caused a tiny tailess cat!She loves to open (and go into)cabinets AT NIGHT. Only at night. I think she must be bored as her senior siblings are totally asleep. She likes to roam. I've learned if I want to sleep I have to keep my door closed or else it would be sleepless nights for me.

  13. Cats have many abilities that confound but the "loud noise without cause" is surely up at the top of the list