Wednesday, July 24, 2019

In Moderation

It was the Roman playwright Plautus who suggested that ‘moderation in all things’ was a beneficial policy to follow. I agree, except when it comes to good news. In that regard, I don’t mind matters becoming a little wild, and things going to extremes. But I will accept even moderately good news, if that is what is offered.

Yesterday, Raleigh and I received moderately good news from his doctor. Firstly, the superficial ulcer in his left eye has cleared up. I am to continue putting drops in Peachy’s eye twice a day for a week, but this is a measure designed to make sure the ulcer doesn’t return, rather than to make it go away.

The more serious problem is his stomatitis. It has diminished a little, but is still evident. It is not, however, centred about his remaining teeth but, rather, farther back. In other words, removing the last of Raleigh’s teeth probably won’t have an effect on his condition. For now, therefore, more dental surgery is not being considered. Instead, his dosage of Prednisolone has been increased, from one tablet a day to one and a half, two thirds of the dose given in the morning, the rest in the evening. Fortunately, Raleigh is usually hungry enough at both times to eat enough soft-food in which to hide his medicine. (He doesn’t seem to eat any hard-food, though he had in his early days with me; therefore, he consumes nothing while I am at work.) While his stomatitis is still an issue, then, there is a plan to combat it without resorting to surgery. This is part of the good news.

There is something I have noticed about Raleigh’s reactions to going to the doctor. Though the Peach may run from me for a while, it is far easier now to catch him for both his eye drops (which is a relief for me, especially early in the morning when I have to go to work) and to put in the carrier. He cries going to the hospital and is almost literally petrified while there. But once he returns, he appears relieved and cheerful. He doesn’t hide and is rather talkative. Though he is very frightened during the appointment, once it is over, it seems hardly to have had an effect.

He is doing better over all in matters of trust. Though he may always be very timid, recovering from set-backs takes him less time than it did and, I hope, damages him less deeply. It may be a case of three steps forward and two back but the arithmetic is in his favour. And that is moderately good.


  1. I am grateful to know he is reacting that way. I have been hoping for his building trust in you to supersede his fear while at the hospital. I am like him...but there isn't anyone to make it better afterward. I have to do that all by my grownup self. :-) But I am relieved to know he is taking it better now. Bless him.

  2. It's nice to read a positive update for Raleigh. I'm glad the eye ulcer has cleared up and hope that's permanent. And I hope the increase in Pred helps re: the stomatitis.

    As for him being timid to varying degrees and at certain times, there are products on the market that can help, but really, we just accept our fur companions for who and how they are. Derry has been with me for 11 years and 7 months and still is afraid of most things, most of the time.

  3. dood....we iz glad ta heer ya got sum good nooze; good iz knot grate but better N werst ore bad....

    N for what itz werth, we due knot like gettin in a carrier; goin ta a vet, N we R happee az clamz that esscaped de clam bake when we get home....

    sew yur knot a lone !! ☺☺♥

  4. Good new indeed, we hope things get better and better.

  5. It seems things for Raleigh are looking up! Even though his stomatitis is still evident and requires an increased dose of Prednisilone, it has improved a little. Not to mention, you find it easy to hide in his food, so giving it to him is not difficult. He still has issues with trust, but I agree with Kea, that trust may always be a problem for Raleigh to some degree, and we may just have to accept him the way he is.

  6. Raleigh, keep up the good work! Glad the eye is better, and let's hope the uptick in the meds will help. I listened to a lecturer talk about cat-friendly vet offices, with separated waiting areas for cats, and different covers on the tables (instead of metal, which cats cannot stand on well) and stuff like that. Anything that helps our cats not be so freaked out at the vet is a good thing!

  7. Moderately good is much better than bad, and I hope things continue to improve with Raleigh.

  8. Decent news for certain. I wonder if he is concerned you may be taking him to drop him off somewhere and his relief at returning home is evident. As you've mentioned he's been through a lot in his short life.

  9. Good to hear some good news from the cozy apartment! Let's hope this trend continues.

  10. We do hope that his medication adjustment gets his problem under control. Our Rumpy yowls and wiggles when he gets his needed cleaning of his rear and within 30 seconds is purring and winding around my ankle. It took quite a while to get to that response.

    1. I think Raleigh is slowly but surely getting better...

  11. You are doing wonderful things. Taking these cats in, and caring for them, and giving them the security, care, and love, they desperately need.


    And yes, I am sure, you are rewarded by their progress and love. But it's still wonderful.