Wednesday, July 3, 2019

How We Enjoy the New Day

Two years ago, while on my holidays, I saw and photographed a young deer along the side of the street down which I had been bicycling one morning. This year, I saw another.

He may, conceivably, be the same deer, though I suspect not. Deer are not uncommon sights in and around my town. And this one was not on the outskirts, as was the previous, but in the long-settled part of town, not far from the hospital, and just a few yards from a major thoroughfare.

He was untroubled by either my presence or the passing motor traffic. He grazed on grass and the new leaves of young trees. He didn’t seem very hungry, just peckish. I may have caught him at the end of his breakfast. He took time out for a satisfying scratch.

Then he crossed the street. He waited for some cars to go by, then trotted onto the asphalt. I was afraid coming automobiles would not see him, and I was prepared to stop traffic if I had to – no risk to me, mind you; I had plenty of space and time to halt it. But all the drivers paused for the four-footed pedestrian. The last I saw of him was that he was munching a few more leaves among denser trees under the windows of the local palliative care centre.

This is one of the advantages of being up and about so early. I am of course awake and active just as early when not on my holidays, but one rarely sees wildlife from the windowless room in which I drudge. Rabbits, deer and birds not usually seen or heard are rewards for such early mornings, those and the freshness of the dawn, which I enjoy now much more than when I was young. Such appreciation probably comes with age. After all, this youthful ungulate didn’t seem to care about encountering a middle-aged bicyclist in the light of a new day.


  1. We have a doe that has become enamoured with the foliage around our office, and we see her nosing around at all time of the day. We officially named her Grace, and I post her photo to the entire office staff with quippy comments, about how she is our new 'plant' supervisor...

  2. Being up in the day is such a reward when one is aware.

  3. How perfect a day so far for you. That is what makes me so happy as well when I am out early early walking...while enjoying early morning fog...a herd of deer...I put one video of both things I just spoke of on Katie's uTube channel. Instagram too. If you'd like to see the two separate videos...instagram is probably the best place. That will be another opportunity to enjoy nature at its best if you like. I never fail to be thrilled at these sights and happenings.

  4. I hope he'll stay safe!

    Morning is the best time of the day for me...though perhaps not my usual 4AM or so (or like today, 3:30 AM). I fancy I could enjoy the quiet just as well an hour or two later. :-)

    Anyway, here's to more critter sightings! It always makes my day when I see a chipmunk or rabbit, or hear the robins singing, etc.

  5. What a beautiful moment to have and reflect upon.

  6. there were three deer that passed along my street behind the homes just last friday; unlike your take on spotting this one ☺☺☺ I was cussing them out; they are known to eat shrubbery to ruin around here, and after the chipmunks took all the bulbs, the rabbits the tops of the flowers, the first thing I actually thought in my minds eye; well, there goes the new boxwood...maybe I shouldn't have a St Francis statue on my property after all; I don't think he would care for my "verbiage" !!! ☺☺♥♥

    1. It's true, I don't have a lawn or garden for animal-marauders to ravage. It's easy for me to admire a deer eating someone else's plants!

  7. I live near Pennypack Woods, so it's not unusual to have wildlife come to visit. We get rabbits, a red tailed hawk, raccoons, deer, and a groundhog. Not to mention, we have a resident feral cat on our property, which my neighbors care for. Like you, John, I don't mind the wildlife eating the complex's plants. I figure the animals were here first. :-)

  8. We rarely see deer hear in the city though a former co-worker had one crash through his windows, only to die on his daughter's bed. Not the outcome I hope this deer had.

    I agree that the early morning is the best time of day. I hope someday you are able to retire and can enjoy this routine for many years to come, not merely during your brief vacation weeks.

  9. What a lovely visitor. Glad drivers paused for deer and I hope they stay safe. We have deer coming around sometimes, too. Sometimes just one, other times a family :-)