Monday, December 20, 2021

The First and Last Christmas

I put up my Christmas tree this past Friday. I have not decorated it, except for the lights, as I figured I would take it one step at a time. Hector is, after all, new.

To my surprise, the boy has completely ignored the tree. This is a cat who will leap up on to the kitchen counters at the slightest hint of food, or hurry over to anything dropped on the floor; play with a dangling electrical cord, and slap small marks on the wall. But the tree, bright with lights, and new and invasive in its spot in the sitting room, did not exist for him. Strange little fellow.

I also hung the stockings. You will note that there are four cats’ stockings. I wanted to include Tucker in this little custom, as I have included him on my Christmas card. He came close to staying for one more Yuletide. And he would never have been able to claim the fancy stocking that goes to the senior cat if I didn’t give it to him this year. Josie relinquished the senior’s stocking only when she died in February, so Tucker would have had no chance at it if he didn’t have it now, despite his absence. Next year, it will be Renn’s, but this year, it is Tucker’s.


  1. Here's hoping that the entertainment possibilities of a Christmas tree continue to elude Hector. :)

    I'm glad Tucker got his "senior" stocking. I'm sure he'll still be with you this Christmas, in spirit.

  2. Your tree is the perfect height, and pretty with even only the lights. I, too, hope that Hector continues to ignore it.

    I think it's sweet that Tucker has his senior stocking this year. I, too, believe he will be with you in spirit. ♥

  3. Yes, I know Tucker will be with you this Christmas, and I'm sure he will love his senior stocking. Meanwhile, I hope Hector doesn't decide to "help" you decorate your tree. With my cats, I've long since given up having a tree since they always thought it was a new toy that I had gotten just for their enjoyment! :-)

  4. They are all with us -- like you I had hoped Mr Jinx would make it to the New Year as the 1st of January is his & Ping's "birthday" celebration. But he had other more important plans. It still hits me how hard it is to believe how they're just gone so suddenly. But, the world moves on and us in it whether we like it or not, we go onward. Your tree is lovely. I decorate trees sparingly, I was always lucky none of the cats were ever that interested in them, so I never had the cat in the tree syndrome.

  5. Uh oh, don't let Hec read any comments here, otherwise he'll twig to what a cat is supposed to do to a Christmas tree!

  6. Funny about Hector's disinterest for now. Wait til the ornaments go on,
    that might be a different story, so watch out. Tucker deserves top honors this Christmas.

  7. Merry Christmas all of you boys, and much love to you all. That is your stocking Angel Tucker...and right you should have it Renn does not mind. He thinks that is just and fair. I know...he told me.

    Katie Isabella

  8. The tree looks pretty with just lights. I think it may be a different story for Hector if dangly toys arrive on it.
    It is right that Tucker gets the senior stocking this year.

  9. Maybe Hector has seen a Christmas Tree before. Everything sure looks nice.

  10. Our tree for years had only lights on it...and Angel Minko even managed to ruin the lights on that tree...he chewed on the 'string' least thankfully it was not plugged in when he did that.

    Hector is being 'nice' for Santa!

  11. Tucker will be number one dude
    this Christmas..Bless him..!x

    HaHa! Hector is'nt stupid..he's
    waiting till the tree is fully
    decorated until he goes climbing!
    Cats usually love trees, especially
    Christmas trees..!
    Go for it Hector..!x

  12. The tree looks with the lights - there is something magical when those are the only lights on in the room. Glad to hear Hector is behaving himself.
    I'm sure Tucker appreciates that he gets the best stocking. And as others have said, he will be with you in spirit this holiday season.