Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Parting Gift from Tucker

As readers may recall, I purchased a small, plastic stool for Tucker to use in what turned out to be his last months. It was to help him ascend to his favourite chair at the dining table, and very useful it was, too. But it is strictly utilitarian, and not very attractive. I have, since Tucker’s death, placed it against the ottoman in the library. Because Renn uses the stairs to the bed and those to the sitting room couch, I thought he might benefit from an easier access to the library sofa. He did not used it.

At the back of my apartment building’s ground floor, on the landing of the rear staircase, is a spot where tenants may place items which are usable but no longer wanted by the owner. These include non-perishable food, slightly used clothes, dishes and even small pieces of furniture. I have left objects myself and have, in turn, taken in items. Yesterday, I found this tiny stool – a tuffet, as I prefer to term it - at the recycling spot in my building.

With its heavy wood construction and upholstered seat, it looks much more attractive than the plastic item; I replaced the plastic stool with this new (to me) tuffet. Remarkable to relate, both Renn and Hector have used it already. Sort of. I caught them not stepping on it to reach the ottoman, but sitting and lying on it, as if it were another chair. Well, whatever they see its purpose as, at least they have given it one.

I wish Tucker had had the opportunity to use it. I think he would have liked it. But in his honour, I will call it Tucker’s Tuffet, since I would not have bought the first, utilitarian, stool if not for him, and I would not have replaced it with this. I like to think of it as his going-away present to his roommates. A final gift from my roly poly.


  1. How cool that you found that stool when you wanted one. It does look better than the plastic one ;) If the cats want to rest on it, that makes it more useful too ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Possibly the new tuffet has a more secure feel because of its upholstery. It is a fitting legacy in Tucker's memory.

  3. Tucker's Tuffet is purrfect for the boys. Funny how things happen like this. Steps to heaven, in a way.

  4. I will always call it Tucker's Tuffet! And yes, I think it is a going away present for his siblings. It's just right for them. So glad you happened upon it.

  5. Tucker's Tuffet has a pleasing ring to it.I haven't heard it called that in goodness knows how many years. My nan had two footstools that she called tuffets. As soon as I saw the word an image of them came back to me, probably from around 1960. They were deep red with tiny gold fleur de lis embroidered on them.

  6. Once again, I read your blog with tears in my eyes. (That makes it very difficult to write a comment, you know!) I'm sure your "guys" will enjoy using Tucker's Tuffet since it's probably much more comfortable than the plastic stool you had been using. But I am also sure that Tucker is looking down and is pleased that his "broth-furs" are enjoying the tuffet named in his honor.

  7. I like Tucker's Tuffet and it's obviously a hit with the others. What a sweet gift for his brothers.

  8. That's a really wonderful gift from that sweet Angel Tucker.

  9. That's so sweet that Tucker's brothers love his tuffet!

  10. I bet the boys love something with such a different smell. I hope Tucker continues to send you gifts.

  11. My daughter and hubby are coming down Boxing Day..
    And they have 14yr old Staffy..Zeeva..!
    She's just had quite a serious operation on her
    And, she's unable to get up on a she always
    sleeps with me, l thought l'd get some steps to help
    out..besides being a 'tart' she likes things her own
    way..Hope she uses least my daughter can
    take them home when they go back..! :).

    And..Yes! John..that is a tuffet..And..Tucker
    would have loved it..! Bless him..!x

    1. I hope Zeeva is feeling well, and that she uses the steps. They will be a great favour for her.

  12. Tucker's tuffet is perfect! It makes me think of the old nursery rhyme, "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey..."

  13. This is a nice replacement from the plastic one. I'm sure it would have been Tucker approved.

  14. It's a pretty little thing; I can see why your cats like it.

    Tucker has very good taste. :)

  15. That is a pretty 'tuffet'!

    A much nicer replacement to the former one.
    Renn and Hector have given Tucker's Tuffet gift their seal of approval:)