Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Scientific Habit

Just last month, I wrote about how Renn has a habit of lying across soft objects, such as slippers and plush cat-toys. He has done that since he first came to live with me. Here is another of his habits, the origin of my nicknaming him ‘the scientist’.

He loves to study water. I noted in November of 2010 that Renn (or “Ren”, as his name was spelled then) had, when he first came to live with me, been fascinated by water running in the bathroom sink, and by drops chasing each other down the tub’s wall after a shower. These general observations did not last; instead, Renn decided to specialise in water-bowls. This is my big boy ten years ago.

He continues to watch water-bowls. Either I haven’t been paying attention to such actions, or he had abandoned this one and returned to it recently. In any case, he periodically experiments by dipping his paw into the water, creating ripples, as he used to do in the past. His concentration when studying is intense.

I wish he could publish his findings in this matter. I think they would be as amazing as he finds his subject. Alas, my scientist seems still to be conducting his research.

After more than a decade of inquiries, Renn appears not to have come to any conclusions. He may be someone who finds the study more enjoyable than the discovery; for him, the journey is the thing, not the destination.

Until he and I meet one day where our understanding of each other will be better than it is now – and it’s pretty good at present – I will have to be content with admiring his fortitude and patience. Those qualities alone, after ten years, should be worth some consideration by the Nobel Prize committee.


  1. I was always told, and people seem to think that
    animals can't see there own reflection..l've
    always thought this nonsense..l've had pussy~cats
    go a bit silly looking into a mirror..and some
    cats are forever trying to catch running water,
    from a tap..and flushing the toilet, can be great
    fun for a cat..! :).
    So perhaps Renn can see a reflection of some sort,
    even movement..But, then he certainly looks like
    he's concentrating...Bless him!x

  2. Like every scientist, he is probably studying a different aspect every time he dips of paw in the water. Cats are so inquisitive and I always wonder what is going through Precious mind when I see her inspecting things. Good luck Renn and someday let us know what your scientific outcome is.

  3. I think Lynn has a good take on Renn's scientific experimentation... and his quest for Truth in Water. I would like to see his mental notes (well, have him tell them to me) regarding the series of experiments and his observations of each and how they all correlate with one another as he quests earnestly forward to the Truth about Water. Renn, your dedication to this quest is admirable to say the least.

  4. I'm sure Renn is far more deserving of Nobel Prize consideration than some who have been nominated!

  5. We are sure that Renn is just confirming his preliminary findings!

  6. You must duplicate earlier work to make sure your results are sound. Timmy likes to dab at his water so shuns the fountain for a dish in the sink. He also discusses things with his dish making sure it is aware of his presence before the paw goes in. Such is the arduous path of science

  7. Pipo studied the water bowls here, too, esp the one with a fountain in much so that I had to remove it, cause he splashed in it until it was almost empty, and the carpet soaked. And not much for anyone else to drink...
    He always drank from his paw after dipping it, I rarely saw him lapping the water.

    Renn is a studious kitty, LOL!

  8. This reminds me of the cat who co-authored a physics paper. He and Renn should collaborate.

  9. Funny! I wonder if he can see his reflection in the water - unlikely I suppose. Saku is the only cat who has shown a lot of interest in water but his favorite game is to dump the water bowl. Hence the various fountains I've purchased over the years.

  10. Renn is very intent on making sure his findings are correct.

  11. "The Study of A Cat's Water Bowl" by Renn, presented to the Cats of The World Scientific Committee.