Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Dabney, We Hardly Knew You

He won’t have been at the Cosy Apartment for long – exactly two months, in fact - but Dabney will be going on a trial-adoption tomorrow.

Sometimes it happens like that in a rescue-group. We have been having a good run of adoptions lately; even so, nobody in the group tries to push a cat on anyone: if one fits the people looking and vice versa, it is tried.

Dabney will be going to live with a couple of ladies and their lady-cat. The latter is very young, newly spayed, and rambunctious. I have a feeling that Bumps will appreciate that in a friend and roommate, though whether the potential friend and roommate appreciates Bumps is another matter. I think she will, with time.

This is, however, another matter of saying ‘good-bye’ to a cat I wouldn’t mind keeping here. Dabney opened up quite a bit after Percival’s departure, and has no problem making himself at home. He is a happy fellow, with a playful nature and an active spirit. I will miss him. Perhaps it’s just as well he hasn’t been here longer.

With both energetic young mancats gone, the apartment will seem staid and quiet. The oldsters and Imogen will like that, I think. Part of me will, too. Part of me won’t.


  1. Oh Dabney - good luck, we hope you charm the ladies and find yourself a wonderful furrever home. You deserve a great life buddy xxx.

  2. This is great news! Good luck and much happiness in your new home, Dabney. Please keep us posted, John.

  3. Hooray for Dabney! I sure do hope it all works out well for him.

    I did red through many of the previous posts I missed...lots happening at the Cozy apartment. I hope Percival does well, too, and I'm ever so glad that Neville feels so much better right now. May it continue that way.

  4. Ah! Bless! Let's hope it all works out
    for him...Goodness..! And all ladies..!x

  5. Dear Dabney, please like your new home and your new playmate. However we are going to miss seeing you as we have for the last couple months.

  6. Oh, this is a surprise! Best of luck to Dabney, I hope it works out and that he has found his forever home. Your Cosy Apartment will not be quiet for long, I'm sure!

  7. Wow, you have had a lot of success stories lately! I'm sure he'll charm the humans, but I'm just a bit uneasy about how Dabney will get along with his new cat sibling.

    And I'll bet Imogen is already planning the farewell party...

    1. I have the strong sense that Dabs would enjoy an active feline friend. He tried to interest Imo in playing for some time, but lately gave up on that, so an active young girlcat may be just what he wants. However, there is the possibility that it won’t work out. Dabney has demonstrated that when he dislikes a cat, it’s a strong, immutable feeling. On the other hand, I believe that was strictly personal with Percy. I have high hopes for Bumps’s new situation.

  8. I do hope things work out well for Dabney (either in his potential adoptive home or yours at some point). I do miss the fosters when they leave. You have such a way of making them real for all of us.

  9. We will miss you Dabney, but we are also happy for you too.

  10. I will miss Dabney, and Percival too. I hope they are both very happy in their new homes.