Sunday, February 21, 2021

I Have Three Cats, Again

This youngster has been removed to his new foster-home. He has already met – through a closed door - one of the other cats (another foster), whom we hope will be his playmate. There was hissing and growling (from the established cat), but that is to be expected, and is of course no indication of what might follow. I will pass on what news I receive.

Now that Xanadu is gone, just a few days after Josie died, I am left with three cats. It has been a long time since my feline population reflected the title of this blog. I last had only three cats in 2010. As someone pointed out recently, even then I didn’t stay at just three for long. For a year and a half, I had the two girls, Tungsten and Josie. Then Renn (or, as his name was spelled then, Ren) came to stay (and stay and stay) with us in May, and soon after that, I started this blog. The title was meant to be temporary but I didn’t know much about Blogger then (and even now it can confound me) and changing the title was more trouble than it was worth. When I learned enough to alter things, the title had become established.

In August, 2010, a cat named Devon arrived as a foster, and my feline numbers haven’t been below four since – until now. (Devon was adopted in October of the same year, and the afternoon of Devon’s departure, Tucker showed up. Readers know how that foster-situation turned out.)

For much of the past decade, I have had five or six cats. Once, when I was babysitting another feline for a week, my numbers reached seven. Now, they are at three again, and represent the first time I haven’t had a girlcat living with me. If (if!) I bring in another, I would like it to be a middle-aged female; the age will be a change from kittens and make for an easier integration, I think, as will the gender. However, I usually don’t have much control over who comes to live in the Cosy Apartment. Fate takes care of that for me.

Until then, however, I will have to content myself with this lot.


  1. I see that Xan is now in his new foster home, and once he and the existing cats settle in, I'm sure he will be happy there. Meanwhile, you'll have time to let your heart heal, and when you're ready, perhaps you'll take in another foster and give him or her the love and great care you've always given your cats.

  2. I hope Xanadu settles into his new foster home happily.

    I currently have just one inside cat (apart from the two semi-ferals who live in my backyard.) This is the first time I've had only one for very many years. For someone used to a multi-cat brood, it's an odd feeling. On the other hand, Ernie makes it quite clear to me that he prefers being an "only cat."

  3. I suspect your "lot" are quite content to be only three at the moment, more psychological breathing room.

    I, too, hope that Xanadu settles into his new foster home and is happy there until he finds his forever home. ❤️

    (Now I'll see if I get another error message when trying to leave a comment!)

  4. They are a handsome lot of boys. A girl in the mix sounds like a
    good thing, one of these days.

  5. Your trio is pretty special and we do hope that Xanadu gets to find his happy.

  6. I am happy to see the three that remain and Xanadu...may you find a place of your own quickly.

  7. I hope Xanadu settles in quickly in his new foster home.
    I imagine that Renn, Tucker and Nev are more than happy to be the "Three Cats."

  8. Good luck to Xanadu; I hope his new feline companions learn to get along with him.

    I'm sure the boys are thrilled to have all of your attention, at least temporarily.

    Take care, stay well!

  9. Many changes over the years. We hope Xanadu settles in quickly in his new foster home, and that he finds his forever soon.

  10. Having just boys isn't a bad thing. ;-)

  11. The boys sure are handsome, and we bet they are enjoying having extra attention from you for now. We've got our paws crossed for Xanadu to fit in well at his new foster home.

  12. Dare l say it..."May there be many more".
    HaHa! I bet Neville's thinking, 'if l can
    get rid of this lot..l'll have the whole
    place to myself'..Naughty boy..! :).

  13. We have our claws crossed that Xanadu fits in at his new foster home and gets along with his new playmate or gets his own forever home). Cat dynamics are so much fun! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  14. Xanadu; best fizhes two ewe dood...and we hope yur new purrson{s}
    letz ya vizit blogland everee now and then with an update !! ♥♥♥