Friday, February 12, 2021

Renn's Surgery

Renn went for his dental yesterday, and also to have an x-ray taken of his lungs. The good news is that the x-ray revealed no scars due to asthma, so my big boy doesn’t have that. He still has coughing fits that don’t seem connected to hairballs, but they are not because of asthma. Also good is that Renn had the problems in his teeth and mouth solved. Four teeth were removed, including two that were being resorbed below the gum line. X-rays were required in this case, too, to see these.

The bad news is that Renn’s reaction to this surgery is quite a bit different than on previous occasions. He is extremely lethargic, leaving his cat-bed only to use the litter-box, where his feces are almost liquid. He has not eaten or drunk since having to fast, starting at ten o’clock Wednesday night. After his previous surgery, which also removed some teeth, Renn ate a good meal upon coming home: he was hungry and still on the pain medication. He slept but was not almost unresponsive, as he is now. I did not expect the same reaction as the last time, but at least something similar.

However, I spoke to the doctor who operated on Renn; she is not our usual veterinary; a dental is, while not without hazards, somewhat of a routine procedure, and I did not feel that a familiar surgeon was necessary. A new pain medication was used, a slow-release buprenorphine, which is to numb pain for three days. This makes the patient very sleepy. The effect on his litter-box deposits is due to the anaesthetic. The doctor told me that it should be safe to let Renn go without food until early Saturday.

While the new pain-killer may be effective, and obviate the need to administer any kind of relief myself, I don’t really care for the strength of this drug’s side-effects. I have better control over the use of the older drugs, and fear of Renn not eating for too long under their influence was lessened. I don’t know if I would sanction the use of this buprenorphine again, especially as all of my cats are now seniors. I have learned that, though doctors may know what they are talking about, I know my cats, and when something doesn’t feel right with them, then I must question what is done.

But I am nonetheless reassured by my conversation with the doctor, and will give Renn whatever time he requires to recover. Hopefully, my big boy will be himself again over the weekend.


  1. Thanks for the update about Renn's dental surgery and lung X-rays. I agree with you 100% - No one knows a cat better than his owner, so you're absolutely correct to question something that doesn't seem to be quite right. I've been very fortunate that most of the vets I've had through the years have realized this, and if I said there was a problem with a cat, they paid attention. (And those that didn't pay attention didn't remain my vet for very long!) Meanwhile, I hope Renn is now feeling better and that he is eating and less sleepy. Please keep us posted.

  2. Hope you feel better soon Mr Renn.

  3. Oh, poor Renn!

    First, I'm glad it's not asthma, or at least not advanced enough to impact the lungs. Is it very dry in your apartment? Do you run a humidifier? Maybe it has something to do with the dry winter air. Or maybe it's an environmental allergy. What is the litter like, is it scented? If it is, and if you can switch to an unscented brand that works for your crew, I recommend it. I had made the switch some years back because of Nicki's asthma (to scent-free + as dust-free as possible in a clumping clay litter). Be wary of litters like pine or crushed walnuts, etc. -- anything with a very fine dust that can be inhaled.

    Second, I'm very glad the dental went well, that the extractions are over and done with.

    However, I would be panicking over Renn's reaction, because I panic so easily. I hope Renn soon fully recovers from the anesthetic (and the pain meds), and eats soon as well. I will keep your experience in my own mind, in case it's ever an issue for Derry (in terms of what pain meds to administer, and how.)

    Our fingers and paws are crossed for your sweet boy; if you get a chance to update us over the weekend, please do. ♥

  4. Renn, we want to hear that you've got your nose in the food bowl PRONTO!

  5. dood....we hope bye de time ewe reed thiz yur on a better part oh that road two re coveree and yur showin sum alert nezz ...itz scaree stuff...ree ceevin medz that ya due knot now what de side a fex will francis' blessingz two ewe buddy...bee well, get well, stay well and eat ...sum thin ♥♥

  6. We are sending purrayers and Power of the Paw to Renn to begin to bounce back ! Our huMom has different reactions to what she has been told are identical anesthetics, sometimes bouncing right back and other times behaving like Renn is now - so she can hardly stagger around to feed us.

  7. Poor Renn! You need to get the vets to put it on Renn's records that you don't want that painkiller again.
    Once when Eric had a dental he too had a bad reaction. It was from the pre anaesthetic sedative. Our vet had it highlighted across his records to avoid it in future. I hope by tomorrow he is soon feeling a lot better.

  8. Certainly hoping Renn recovers from this dental work. I'm so sorry he is having such a reaction. I can only imagine your concern. I'm keeping your whole little family in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. We are sure glad that Renn is okay and we hope he's back to his old self super soon.

  10. Oh poor boy, I hope the affects of the meds wears off soon. I know you'll be on guard until it does.

  11. Ah! Poor little fella..having gone through
    all that, no wonder he feels off colour...
    And..let's be honest here, none of us like
    the dentist!
    Hopefully, to~day, Saturday he'll be up and
    about more...!x

  12. I know how scary this is as do many of us here. My girl suffered with whatever it was she had just for her examination! You likely recall. She was frightened for months and only appeared for food and the litterbox. I will be thinking a lot about Renn and waiting to hear how he is. It is an awful thing when they suffer like this. Hoping you are able to tell us he is on the upswing soon.

  13. Oh, poor Renn! Since it's early Saturday right now, I'm hoping to hear he's recovered.

    At least now you know to avoid that drug in the future.