Saturday, February 27, 2021

News From Far and Near

The news isn’t startling but some of it concerns young Xanadu.

He is doing well in his new foster-home and is getting to know the other two cats there. The challenge was not so much for Xan but for the others. After all, it was their home that was being invaded. Ellie, while not taking to the newcomer as we had hoped, is interested in him, and Claude isn’t much bothered by him. As may be seen in one photograph, all three are in the same room. If Ellie and Claude didn’t want to be near Xanadu, they would leave. Ellie is on a table in the picture, but watches the younger cat.

In the meantime, there have been several new inquiries about Xanadu. He may not be in his new foster-home for long, but then, we are very careful in our selection of adopters. And in the interval, he will be happy and safe.

The other bit of news, from closer to hand, is that, thanks to Ann from Zoolatry, I have been able to make my blogs available for subscription. This applies to both I Have Three Cats and to my movie-review blog, Movie Night at the Cosy Apartment (it is in the blog-roll in the side-bar). One need only type in an email address in the blank at the top of the side-bar to receive notification of new postings. (At least I think that’s how it works; I am on the transmission end and not the reception end. In any case, it does work.) Feel free to subscribe.


  1. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed for a wonderful and true forever home for Xanadu. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ™

    I follow blogs via Feedly, so all new posts show up there. Having the email subscription is a great way to follow as well!

  2. It is good news that all is quiet in Xanadu's foster home. I don't subscribe by email, but have you in my reader so I know when you have posted.

  3. We sure hope the others adjust to that sweet guy, but then he might have to start all over again. It's gotta be tough sometimes.

  4. Be happy in your new home Xanadu!

  5. I follow both your blogs in my feed reader, but it’s good to have another option. :)

    Godspeed to you, Xanadu. I hope you get your forever home soon.

  6. It may take some time for Xanadu's new foster siblings to get used to him, but since there has been interest in adopting him, hopefully he'll find a permanent home soon. Good luck Zan!!

  7. We will keep our fingers crossed for Xanadu. Starting anew can be difficult. Ann Rocks! Have a marvellously happy day!

  8. Yes! Hope Xanadu finds his forever
    home's what he really needs,
    somewhere to call his own, maybe with
    a friend to..! Bless!x

    Sorry! Did'nt comment on the last post
    John..But..l got into a bit of a state
    reading it, upsetting, but, that's just's in my nature..take things to
    heart, never met any of your pussy~cats,
    but like the others..Poppy!x etc..they've
    become part of my daily life..! Thanks!

  9. Course I'm hoping for the best for Xanadu to get adopted forever. That's the way it should be for all kitties. Thanks for the update in the picture for where he is now. It's fun to see how the cats interact.

  10. That is good news about Xanadu. We're hoping and purring that he finds his forever home soon, but are sure glad he's doing okay in foster for now.

    We follow you in Feedly, so we always know when you have a new post.

  11. He looks relaxed and hopefully he will have a home that suits soon. We are so glad to be able to subscribe. Life intervenes and some weeks we miss coming fell it is our loss.

    1. Talk about Typos. Wow. We are now solidly subscribed. Damn the Typos full speed ahead!

  12. Glad things are going well for Xanadu. I just subscribed. :)

  13. Xan is just too adorable; there are families out there who will wait in line to adopt him!

  14. Good luck little Xanadu, you'll make someone a very happy cat owner!