Monday, February 15, 2021

Play-time for Xanadu

I feel sorry for Xanadu. He is a healthy, active kitten and needs play-time, but of course I can give him only a fraction of what he needs. I try to spend time with him but that is limited even when I am home.

When free of the library, he enjoys the nylon tunnel, zooming through it, jumping over it and wrestling with its ends. He has a favourite fat-mouse toy, and he loves the string-toy. He will try to capture it and then carry it about in his mouth. I have to follow him or else he will drag the stick about and bang it in to things.

I also play with him in the library; I think he simply likes to have company, though he is not a lap-cat, so far. He digs my books – literally. When one of my books is open, he will scrabble at it with his paws, as if delving for something. He will sometimes look under it. I don’t know what he thinks it is, or for what he is searching. At least he’s not trying to eat the books, as the Felons attempted.


  1. He does act like he's used to having companions to play with.

    I sure wish we knew how he came to be on his own.

  2. Xan sounds so cute. It does sound like he'd be happiest in a home where he'd have a feline or human playmate.

  3. Xan, chow down on the books, as long as they aren't library books...

  4. Precious always dragged her frog on a stick around behind furniture and
    waited for me to get it back for her, over and over and over. So I see
    this is just a young cat "thing to do". He appears to be very educated, so you can have the fun of deciding what college he needs to attend.

  5. He's such a cutie! I hope he's adopted into a home with another cat.

  6. I hope he soon gets his forever home with a cat of a similar age.

  7. He sure is adorable and loads of fun just waiting to happen!

  8. He's a lovely little fella..
    I know he's got a home, but lets
    hope he finds a permanent one

  9. What a handsome ginger. He looks a lot like Timmy at that age.