Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cox and Box

In the 1860s, Burnand and Sullivan premiered their stage farce Cox and Box, about two lodgers who are rented the same room by a landlord. One tenant works during the day and one during the night; when one is in, the other is out, and they are long unaware of the landlord’s chicanery. It’s a play that is still quite popular. I know that because it’s occurring in the Cosy Apartment, though it’s not as funny on my stage.

I came home yesterday hoping to find that Neville had continued to improve. He had. His behaviour was good and he was ready for some food. But someone had thrown up during my absence. I could tell from the colour and location of the refuse that it had been Renn.

Renn continued to be sick all night, throwing up so much that he was eventually vomiting reddish bile. At last his stomach quit revolting, and I was able to to put into him a dose of Cerenia, with as little water as was necessary to dissolve it in the syringe; I didn’t want the water causing a renewal of his vomiting. For a while, it seemed that he would chuck that up, too, but it stayed down, and he was calm and even in good spirits by bedtime. He was not unwell during the night and even ate a few kernels of food this morning.

Though it seems as if we are seesawing from my big boy to the Nevsky and back again, I hope that, at the least, the latter’s problems were an aberration. Renn, I perceive, is my bigger worry. I think the Cerenia helps him, but he can’t be on that drug forever. I am researching irritable bowel syndrome in cats, and have a call in to Renn’s doctor, to discuss another, possibly more promising medicine.

In the meantime, I hope to be writing about things other than sickness and puke. I think that will be a welcome change for both author and readers.


  1. Poor Renn. How difficult it must be on his body, all the vomiting.
    Hope you find some new med that will work easily for him.

  2. Purring for Renn.
    Have not heard of Cox and Box before, but it reminds me of one job I had where we shared desk space; the morning person, and the evening person. When it was shift change, the person coming in didn't want to log in late, so the morning person had to quit RIGHT THEN. There was a sort of Laurel and Hardy vibe to the whole thing!

  3. We are purring for everyone's sake at the cozy cottage that the illnesses stop.

  4. doodz......ewe knead ta follow dadz add vize and get nother moovee ta star in while himz gone at werk....sure de onlee movvee we noe iz de codd mother seereez ore godzila...ore frankenstein...well, never mind...just bee kind ta dad N stop givin him worreez ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  5. Oh, heavens, we're sending our purrs and purrayers to Renn and to Neville too. Fingers crossed you can find something that will help Renn and resolve this. ♥

  6. Let us help you with our pawyers for good health and no more vomiting. Sheesh, it can be so disheartening when our furry ones don't feel good and even harder to find the best solution. Hope the vet can be of great assistance, and we know you, the cat daddy will do your best, too, as you already are:)

  7. Poor Renn, all that vomiting must have left him feeling miserable. I was hoping the probiotics would help. Prayers that you'll find something to do the trick soon!

  8. Those poor boys, and you. It is no fun for anyone, particularly Renn.

  9. Oh poor Renn. Fingers and paws crossed that he'll soon be feeling better. Please let us know what the vet says when you speak with her.

  10. Poor boys. We hope tummies are feeling better soon.

  11. We send purrayers and Powr of the Paw to all your babies. One of ours had a seizure - out of the blue- Sunday night. He had one two or three years ago and none since and no others after Sunday, so we have our fungers crossed too. We are still pretty snowed in besides.

    1. A seizure is worse than what we're going through, I think. Good Heavens. What caused it?

  12. We sure hope sweet Renn finds the all better super soon.

  13. We feel so bad for Renn, and are purring super hard for him. And for Nev, too.

  14. Bless! Let's hope the two boys are
    better soon..!xx

    And! I had to look up and read 'Cox
    and Box..never heard of it before!
    The Oxford dictionary states...
    It defines it as "applied allusively to
    an arrangement in which two persons take
    turns in sustaining a part, occupying a
    position, or the like."

    Which you've already stated of course..! :).

  15. Oh boys, I am so sorry for the both of you. I am sorry too for your Dad. He has to try his best and then some, to help you deal with this. Renn, Neville, peace to you both. You are long overdue for peace-- both of you, and your Dad as well. I hope so strongly that today is the beginning of normalcy for you both.

  16. Oh boy, I sure hope Renn is feeling better and you're able to find something to help with his IBS. Poor boy!

    Good news on Nev...paws crossed he continues to eat and keep it down.