Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Birthday, Pete

It had been suggested by the blogger at It’s a Wonderpurr Life that today we honour Pete Cusack, of the blog “Tomcat Commentary by Timmy”. Pete died in November of last year; today, he would have turned 69. (His cats are safe and together in a new home, one that he had arranged in case of such an event.)

Now, the idea was that we each choose a favourite blog entry that Pete created (on behalf of Tim, his best feline friend, who predeceased him.) Trying to select one is tough, as I enjoyed so many of them. I don’t believe that Pete gave his cats the personalities they exhibited in the blog; I believe he expanded on them. These personalities were far too real - and enjoyable - to have been made up.

For instance, Rumpy and Einstein were friends; Rumpy, older, acted as a mentor to Einie when the latter was just a kitten, and they continued to play and sleep together. Rumpy was my favourite cat among Pete’s, I don’t mind admitting; his ego was far too large for what the others clearly thought about him, but he persisted in being a mischievous know-it-all. Einstein never stopped being a kitten, it seems to me, and this is reflected in that face of his, though he is now eight years old. The blogs featuring Rumpy, and him and Einstein together, were my favourite.

I hope Pete won’t mind me borrowing this image from one of his Yuletide blogs. It shows the pair proudly flanking the family Christmas tree; I think Christmas was a special time for Pete. It’s very sad to me that he won’t be celebrating any more Christmases on Earth, but I am grateful that his cats, thanks to his care and foresight, will have many more holidays ahead, before they join their dad once more.

Happy birthday, cat-dad Pete.


  1. I'm seeing several remembrances of Dad Pete today. Thank you all
    for posting these. I enjoyed seeing his family for the few years
    that I did. And his kind comments on my blog for Precious. All
    his work on his blog showing off the wonderful cat family made me
    smile every day.

  2. I'm glad to hear that Pete's cats are together, and, I presume, happy. I hadn't heard of his blog until you first mentioned it, but I saw that he did a lot of delightful posts. He must have been a great cat-dad.

    1. I believe he was. And he was an imaginative blogger, too, putting much effort into the entertaining posts he created. It’s to be greatly regretted that he can no longer add to them.

  3. I can say with all certainty that Pete wouldn't mind in the least that you borrowed this photo. it WAS hard to choose a fave post; I cheated.... went to his blog picked a year then a post and went with it. happy birthday to you "pops" ♥♥♥

  4. Happy Birthday in heaven to Dad Pete. I'm sorry I never found his blog - it certainly sounds like he had a real sense of humor and a great love of cats.

  5. So many great memories of Dad Pete's blog posts. We sure miss him.

  6. Wonderful post for Pete. He was such a kind man.

  7. That was a nice tribute to Dad Pete, he was special to so many of us.

  8. Lovely tribute to Pete for his birthday. He was a great presence in the cat blogging world and will always be missed.
    I am sure you are right in saying that he took the cats original personalities and expanded on them rather than create them. That is exactly what I did with Eric and Flynn.

  9. I loved seeing and reading this tribute to Pete. And I have loved each blog I came across yesterday and I hope to today as well speaking of him. Thank you. You expressed my thoughts as well.

  10. We love your remembrance and tribute to Dad Pete. He was such an amazing cat dad, friend, and human being. We miss him dearly.

  11. Although we did not start blogging till 2014, I met Dad Pete and all his then kitties, including Timmy the spokes-kitty, in 2009. He was also on Catster where Pipo & Minko were, and we remember fondly when Einstein came into their family as a teeny bottle kitty.
    He was a unique and thoughtful blogger, and one of the kindest ever.
    Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mr Pete, we all sure miss you a lot.