Thursday, January 13, 2022

Two for the Doctor

Renn and Auric had their veterinary appointments yesterday. The results are mostly good.

It turns out that I was half-right about Auric: he’s a boy, but is not neutered. He does have an upper respiratory infection, but is receiving medicine for that. The doctor figures it will be cleared up in about a week to ten days. I was told that he will always have the infection (I think it is viral) but that it will stay dormant until times of stress. He also had ear-mites and was treated for them. He did not like that, receiving a squirt of liquid in each ear. But the ear-mites liked it even less, so it’s working.

Auric’s heart and lungs sound very good and, though he has lost a few of his small front teeth, the rest are in excellent shape. I saw that they are bright and white, and the doctor aged my new cat at about ten to twelve months.

I made an appointment for him to see the doctor again in a week’s time, though that may be too soon, and the infection may need a few more days than that. But in about a fortnight, the Golden Boy will receive his vaccinations, be neutered and stand ready to join the other beasts in the Cosy Apartment.

As for Renn, he probably has irritable bowel disease. Blood and urine show that his kidneys are in stage two failure, which means they have not worsened in two and a half years, since his last tests. The doctor prescribed a special gastro-intestinal food, with Fortiflora pro-biotic added. I don’t know that Renn will like that fare. If he doesn’t, there is a reserve plan, first involving Metronidazole, and then, if necessary, Prednisolone; we will try the food first. There is a chance that my big boy has gastro-intestinal lymphoma, and, while that cannot be cured with drugs, Prednisolone can help make him comfortable. The possibility of lymphoma is less likely than i.b.d.


Conditions were diagnosed, medicines and treatments dispensed, and the patients returned to the Cosy Apartment tired but relieved. We all had a good night’s sleep.


  1. I'm glad for the mostly good news update. Fingers and paws crossed that Renn likes the new food (Hill's Gastro Biome?) and that it helps him.

    As for Auric, he'll be in top shape soon, with your love and proper attention! I hope the URI clears up quickly, so he can be neutered and then integrated into the Cosy Apartment. :-)

  2. Auric has a story to tell, about his days on the streets.
    But, that is now the past; his future looks bright!
    Renn, poor baby...those intestinal problems are not fun.
    We tried a dozen things to help our Celestial Chuck, poor kitty, but in the end, the daily steroid was the ticket.

    1. I have a feeling that will be the way with Renn. Is there a liquid form that is available? I used to crush a tablet and put it in Raleigh’s food; it was a tasteless medicine, but Renn can’t be counted on to eat what is put in front of him.

    2. In the beginning when Flynn fought pills I would crush them and mix with a little water to give by syringe.

  3. Well all good with Auric, once he is settled down with his neuter that and his other minor ailments pass he will be one happy little boy. Oh Renn we are so sorry about that tummy troubles. We hope that he enjoys the food and finds a balance that will work for him too.

  4. The doctor is in the house, again, handing out meds and special foods. Your work is never done and the cats benefit in great measure for it. Glad to hear both boys are doing well enough for now. Hope the way of the new food makes it easier on you and Renn.

  5. doodz....for de most part oh partz, sum good nooze and for that we iz BUZZED happee for ewe both...we all wayz send de blessingz oh st francis tho, coz in thiz day & age; one can never haz enuff...

    auric; heerz hopin all de nastee iz up and outta ewe quik like

    renn: heerz hopin ewe take two de foodz N ewe find they iz de best thing ever inn vented


  6. It sounds like Renn and Auric received mostly good reports from the vet, and that's excellent news. Hopefully Renn will like his new food and it will ease his stomach problems. Also, hopefully Auric will soon be over his cold and he'll be able to join the other cats in the Cosy Apartment.

  7. Poppy used to have irritable bowel. With runny poops and vomits. We tried lots of foods, but she has had fewer episodes after finding a food that she tolerates.

    I hope your boys feel better soon.

  8. All in all, not a bad report card. I think there's a good chance that the food will help Renn. Probiotics can do wonders.

  9. I hope Auric's URI is soon cleared up so he is able to be neutered and meet the others. I also hope that Renn will take to his new food, and that it will help him. It is good that his kidneys have not worsened over the past 2 1/2 years.

  10. I'm glad they both are getting such important care and we hope Renn eats the new food without any problems.

  11. I have confidence somehow that Renn's condition isn't that really bad one that the Vet mentioned as a possibility. Surprised they said that unless there is solid evidence pointing that way.

  12. Hopefully things will settle down soon! With pets that never happens but we can hope, right?
    Wishing you and your crew a peaceful and uneventful weekend.
    p.s. That last photo of Renn is so sweet.

  13. Well, now that the report cards are in your hands, you can start your next chapter of working to get your boys back into good/better health.

    Pipo and Minko both had issues with IBD, (and Pipo also had lymphoma...but with good food and assistance with eating and proper meds (Prednisolone), among others they did reasonably well, for a good number of years.

  14. Glad to hear the reports are mostly good. I hope Renn tolerates his new food and meds, and Auric's infection clears up.

    The photos of both boys are so lovely.