Monday, October 3, 2022

The World at the Edge of the Bedspread

For something different, I thought I would write an entry about me, or, rather, one of my dreams. Though the subject is not typical (they are usually quite varied) the fact that it followed a reasonably lucid story-line is.

I dreamed that I was downtown in my city, at some sort of festival. The late actor Steve McQueen was there, playing a musical instrument made from a brown bottle with an extremely long neck, to which strings were tied; he was playing it like a bass in a band. Instead of a bow, he was using a saw. The festival ended and Mr McQueen departed (not for the first time, of course), leaving his instrument behind. I undertook to return it to him.

My journey carried me to an older part of my town which I don’t think exists anymore (similar to other dreams when I go food-shopping; I always go to the same grocery-store that no longer exists.) In that neighbourhood, I visited a dog-rescue shelter, where I promised to take in a dog named Cecilia, who wasn’t at the shelter just then. Afterward, I continued my search for Mr McQueen, saying to myself, “I can’t have a dog in my apartment; they’re not allowed. What was I thinking?”

I was still pondering this question when I woke. I explained the dream to Hector. He remained silent about the whole thing.

(Steve McQueen’s appearance is due, I believe, to seeing recently a picture of him from the film The Great Escape, in the scene in which he and two other Americans re-enact the Spirit of ’76 picture. Why he didn’t have a fife or drum in my dream, I don’t know. And how fostering slipped into my dream is anyone’s guess…)


  1. I always enjoyed Steve McQueen movies, and I can see the beginnings of a new plot in your dream. But musical McQueen, hmmmm. Hector is just thinking "NO DOGS ALLOWED" no doubt.

  2. I think I can interpret that look on Hec's face as "You dreamed of taking in a WHAT?!"

  3. I think Hector found your dream interesting, but the expression on his face says, "You're going to adopt a what?? Just try it and see what happens!" BTW - "The Great Escape" is one of my favorite movies.

  4. I can't imagine why fostering would slip into your dream.

    I think Hector is mimicking an expensive analyst, by not speaking and letting you work it out in your own head. :-D

  5. WOW!! That is quite the dream!
    Sounds like a fun one though ;)

  6. Goes to show, our brains are crazy places when we are asleep!
    We watch a fair amount of Steve McQueen, in reruns of "Wanted: Dead or Alive". "The Great Escape" had quite a cast, kind of like "Ocean's Eleven".

  7. Love "Wanted: Dead or Alive". He portrays the several sides of a Bounty Hunter...and does it very well.

  8. Hector said tell me more about this Steve McQueen fellow! :)

  9. He has that "I'm not too sure about you " look ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  10. Dreams are interesting and so was yours, right Hector?!?!

  11. HaHa! I dream those sort of dreams to...
    And l have vivid dreams, mostly every
    night, something to do with my stress
    and l've been told...! :).

    Though last night l slept like a log......
    Woke up in the fireplace....! :O).

  12. And I, with two pups that are rather prey driven, despite the fact that Pipo was here when they came...keep wanting to add a feline or two to our menagerie.

  13. That's an interesting dream. Too bad it ended before you got the dog. I wonder what would have happened then. :)