Friday, March 31, 2023

Renn and His Buffet

My big boy, Renn, has never eaten much. He has, nonetheless, maintained his size and strength through much of his life with me. As he’s aged, however, he’s shrunk. There are now bigger boys than Renn. But, while his coordination isn’t quite what it was, his kidneys continue to fail and he suffers a chronic but mild respiratory affliction, he nonetheless is largely enjoying his later years.

Part of this is attributable to his continued appetite. But it is not easy to keep Renn fed; it never has been. His intake of soft-food is, most of the time, negligible. Even when he eats, he will spend ten minutes over a bowl and end up consuming almost nothing. Fortunately, he drinks an adequate amount of water. Even so, his hard-food is very important.

For a couple of years now, his preferred varieties have not included the high-quality food that was once the staple in the household. Instead, he likes two other kinds, another good and expensive brand, and a second, even more expensive brand, a type of food meant for diabetics (Neville also receives that.)

Recently, though, he had a taste of the food I have been giving to the outsider-cats. It is a very good brand, but I obtained a number of bags that were near their expiry dates; the cost was lower and the food still good. Now, however, Renn seems to like this variety. But he also likes the others - besides which, I have a large supply of them to get rid of, even if he prefers the latest sort. So Renn has his buffet.

Furthermore, he likes to have it set out for him whenever he asks. He could go to the food-bowls on the floor in the corridor. He would receive the same selection. But he doesn’t. And because he would rather starve than not be served, I acquiesce to his demands. And the demands are now made in a low whine that doesn’t end except when his mouth is in a food-bowl.

For all this, Renn is a pretty undemanding sort. He reminds me of the man in the old folks’ home who is easy-going and friendly, but always wants the same chair at the same table by the same window at every meal, and if he doesn’t get it, well, then he’ll skip dinner tonight, thank you - no, no, that’s all right; he wasn’t hungry, anyway - and he’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow.

I can’t have that, so Renn has his buffet.


  1. Ah! Bless! He's lovely..such a happy little soul,
    seems quite content in his ways and obviously
    his diet...
    HeHe! And look..breakfast in bed, or is that on
    the've certainly got style..!x

  2. Renn is truly a gentleman of age. Having earned his privileges with this aging. And as we have seen a bit of conversation over food costs, I can only imagine the prescription food cost. Hopefully not needing it for a long time.

  3. Ahh...the things we do for our fur-kids. But age has its privileges and Renn deserves it.

  4. Yes. He deserves it, And your description likening him to the man in the old folks home...that has to be completely spot on for Renn. So enjoyed that. I was enjoying looking at this venerable gentleman. And he is quite handsome and very much a mancat. No one could mistake that handsome face for a lady cat's features. Renn, you could have your choice of ladycats if you wished.

  5. Such a handsome boy he is, and it's true age does have it's privileges~

  6. Renn knows he has earned the privileges of age and rightfully expects them.

  7. Awww..I am glad he is so well cared for.

  8. Catering to Renn, is your love gift to him.
    And yes, we have elderly peeps just like that where I work, LOL!!

  9. He's a guy who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. And shrunk or not, he's still dashingly handsome.

  10. Renn has certainly earned his special buffet. XO

  11. We wanted to thank you for visiting and your kind words for my bro Izzy. ❤️

  12. You nailed it - my Sasha was the same way. As he got older, he demanded his food be delivered to him. It was the best way, too, for me to determine how much he had eaten (or at the end, not eaten). Otherwise Saku would help him clean the bowl.

  13. Ahhhhh, so good he's getting a buffet. What male doesn't appreciate that!
    I miss my cats so much. I'm only home for less than a week and back to my son's to care for him. Sorry I haven't been commenting, life gets in the way. Just know that I try my best to keep up with your blog. The other blogs I read have taken a back seat. Thank you for the photos of Renn. It made my day!

    1. I'm sorry that your son is in a situation that requires you to care for him. It must be most distressing for you. I hope things improve soon, and permanently.