Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wild Goose Chase

I was riding home from work yesterday, turned the corner and there they were. We often see geese flying over-head, and sometimes on the roofs of buildings. This is the first time I’ve seen them on the sidewalk, ten feet in front of me.

One of them looked like he was about to cross the street. He must have thought he was a chicken. I figured that the principal street of a city was a bad place for a goose to go walking, so I managed to insert myself between them and the vehicular traffic, and ushered them to the grass strip next the building.

They seemed untroubled by their surroundings, and I suspect that they flew away - or at least up to a rooftop - soon afterward. It was an interesting sight to see. I didn’t quite chase them, though they were wild geese; I suppose the title of this blog-entry fits well enough.


  1. I'm glad you were able to discourage them from investigating the city traffic. You never know where geese will pop up; a friend of mine currently has one living in his swimming pool.

  2. Dear me, Canada geese around us can be rather frightening when encountered, so I always give them a wide berth.

  3. My Canada geese are just year round pests. The migratory ones come back to their home up north and don't make a year round mess. But I do get rather weepy when I seen ones with broken wings grounded and ones dead from car hits. I hope your 2 make it on to their nesting area safely.

  4. HaHa! Bless....
    Why did the goose cross the road?
    Because the chicken was on vacation...(Boom! Boom!).

  5. I've had a similar experience with the red tailed hawks that live in my area. One day I saw one of them just sitting in the middle of a busy street. He eventually flew away, but I was concerned that he would get hurt. I loved Willie's comment!

  6. We have so many geese in our city, that there are signs up to not hit them...its illegal here...sometimes traffic is stopped to allow a long parade of them to cross from one park to the grassy grounds on the other side.
    Years ago, a goose snatched a cookie right out of our toddler's hands. At least he didn't loose any fingers!

  7. You impressed me, John !
    It's nice of you to kindly inform the geese where a lawn is

    About my Recovery Food : My mom is having the same habit as you. She always keep few tins for my emergency. It's the same brand as you ( We have a lots of imported goods here but it is expensive ). It's my first time for 'Syringe feeding' I have not ever had A chronic effect before.

  8. We have almost extreme numbers of Canada geese here. Of course, in their "season". I always give them a wide berth too. They are usually in the attack mode. One of the most loving things I have seen in nature however, was a female Canada goose with her wing injured...possibly broken. Her mate was right next to her at all times with his eyes straight on whatever human happened to be there. ( it was at our Marina). When I turned in their direction (I was taking photos of the marina) he was looking hard at me with his wings mostly raised...protecting her. I had to move away, but I was deeply touched.

  9. We have a multitude of geese here (usually) in the spring and summer. Sometimes they don't like to give up the sidewalk to pedestrians, so I end up walking on the grass instead.
    I've only seen one solitary goose so far, and it was in the air. I hope they'll be back soon, though I'm not looking forward to the goose poop.