Monday, March 27, 2023

Watching Evolution

One of the delights of having a new cat is seeing her evolve. It is especially pleasing when she evolves in unexpected but promising ways. Such is the case with Imogen.

She is becoming more at ease with me and the other cats (more about that later), and a little more vocal. Tonight she ate her meals at meal-times – a first – and though I don’t know that that will continue (I usually have to leave her dish aside for whenever she wants to eat), it may bode well for the future.

Imogen rarely runs to the library, her safe-room, anymore. She will still be startled by sudden noises or movements, but she recovers from the start more quickly, and doesn’t always run to the library. She has, in fact, found her favourite spot. It’s the cylinder-house cat-tree. She usually sleeps there at night, and snoozes there more than anywhere else at other times. Periodically, she lies on top of it, though I have noticed from her jumps there and at other locations that she doesn’t have the strength or balance that she thinks she has. This hasn’t to do with any health issues; it’s just over-confidence.

This is illustrated in the manner in which she will slip into the cylinder-house from a position atop. She will simply turn herself upside down and insert herself through one of the lunette openings in the side. This of course means that, as her centre of gravity changes with her movement, she might throw herself out of the cat-tree as she’s trying to slide farther in. She hasn’t yet but, as I wrote above, she may have a problem with over-confidence…

Imo is becoming more playful. She likes the string-toy but her preference for our games is the red-dot. She’s no Zofia, exhausting herself in its pursuit, but she does pretty well, nonetheless. And she entertains herself, a milk-jug ring being an enjoyable toy. But last night, after I went to bed, I heard Miss Silky knocking something about the dining area.

And…I think, possibly, maybe, this cat, who never met another feline until seven weeks ago, might, perhaps, be happy with a playmate. I watched her this evening observing Renn come into the sitting room. He was wary of her – as he is with all new cats – and she slipped into the nylon tunnel. As he passed the far mouth of it, Imogen scuttled toward him in the tunnel. She stopped short of him, of course, but the simple fact that she ran towards him suggests play to me. I can’t see her suddenly developing aggression, when the most she worked herself into even when new to the Cosy Apartment was a severe hiss. Renn will never play with Imo, but maybe another, younger, more gregarious cat?

Well, it’s still early days yet. Imogen hasn’t been here two months. I may not have seen her true personality; it may be that she will discover joys – and grievances – that she herself never suspected.


  1. It's great to hear that Imogen is becoming more at ease with you and her feline housemates. It took her awhile, but she is finally coming around.

  2. It's great fun with just the one cat...But! Imagine it
    with four...(is it four)...HeHe! :)
    It must keep all the pussy~cats you have John..and
    all the ones you've had, very alert, and always in
    a learning curve...! And great fun to watch to...! :O).

  3. It's great seeing all three of them on the bed at the same time. Just seeing the hind legs of Imogen peeking out. If she were more sociable with a younger cat her age maybe that would go a long ways for her to get adopted..,

  4. Love the scene of them on the bed and Imogen under the comforter! Does anyone go under the covers to sleep at night? I had that experience only a few times with a cat long gone to the Bridge, and while he was comfy, I was worried I'd roll over on him. So...not my favorite thing.

    1. No one has ever slept under the covers, though just recently, Zofia would burrow under the sheet and blanket and lie against me for half a minute or so; then, she would turn and scurry out again. That's the closest one has come, I think.

  5. She looks cute with a leg and tail sticking out! Maybe she thinks because she can't see them, they don't know she is there.

  6. I'm so glad she's feeling more comfortable in her new surroundings. As I recall, you said that Imogen is still a fairly young cat. Maybe not too old to make new cat friends!

  7. Dear Imogen seems to be settling in nicely and accepting the other housemates ;) That opens many opportunities for her. She is a lovely cat.

  8. She's doing really good and she is learning what love is all about.