Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Bit of Warmth as the Days Cool

When autumn comes – as it will this week – the cat-beds receive their heating pads. These old cat-beds are perfect for the pads, as they fit exactly, and the cushion can come out, so the pad can go underneath it, but still within the bed. The bottoms of the beds are wearing through, however, so I have placed them on folded towels for a few years now. I have other cat-beds, and they are very good – the cats like them – but they don’t have removable cushions.

Josie has discovered the one in the bedroom and, though it has been washed, still meets with her approval. She doesn’t use it all day or night, though, as the days are still only cooling, and not actually cool. (I will probably make a doctor’s appointment for my Chubs this week, though I will observe her some more first. Her eating has improved a little in the last day or two but that, of course, may be just a temporary change.)

In any case, she and the others will feel more comfortable in the heated cat-beds as the weather turns. I tend to leave my windows open, at least a little, into the autumn, and even into the winter, as I like fresh air, and a room can become stuffy and stale quickly when cut off from outside air. Besides, the cats enjoy sniffing the smells from the wide world. With the heated cat-beds, they can remain snug and warm, while still catching the scents in the drifting chill.


  1. I hate to think it's that time of year again. I have noticed the older I get the more I dislike winter! Wonder if cats feel the same? I pulled out my boys heated beds out a few weeks ago as it's quite chilly here in Illinois. They both started using their beds right away.
    Josie looks sweet snuggled into her bed. It's nice to know we can pamper our pets.

  2. Josie looks pretty happy there. I hope her appetite keeps improving.

    I don’t have heated cat-beds, but for cold weather I have some cozy blankets I crocheted for the cats. You remind me that before long I’ll have to bring them out again!

  3. Very cosy! It's crazy how quickly autumn has come again,it feels like it was just here. I have my large heating pad out for myself, but Derry likes to curl up on it too (lowest setting).

    Fingers and paws are crossed for Josie.🤞❤️

  4. Josie looks very pleased to have the heated pad back. I think I need one this winter, or at least a heated under blanket. We are starting to get a chill in the air at night, and like you I like a window open summer and winter.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Josie's appetite has improved a little. Hopefully this improvement will continue. Meanwhile, autumn has arrived here.
    Even though I love the cool weather, my cats don't, so their heated beds have been in use for a few days now.

  6. I love pampering mine, and I love seeing Katie's friends being pampered too. She doesn't;t have a heated bed yet. But she will if it becomes something she wants. Right now she sleeps with me...and shares my heat.

  7. Lucky cats! I'm happy to hear that Josie is eating better, hopefully it was just an aberration and all will be well.

    Have a great week ahead.

  8. Those heated beds sound just purrfect, love it!

  9. Poppy lives her heated cat bed. It is getting warmer here, with our heaters finally being turned off. Our turn for summer.

  10. Enjoyed seeing Josie in the heated bed, warmed or not.
    My Seney loved it to be HOT almost year round in her old age.
    Precious is warm enough with her weight and doesn't often
    like to lay on anything warmer. Cool nights are here for

  11. John, I just looked at a post you did of Josie in 2012 when she
    was with you for 4 years. Remarkable how young she looks there.
    And she really didn't want to be friends with Tungsten. She looked
    as good in a cat cup then as she does now.

    1. Time flies for cats as it does for us, though I think, happily for them, they don't dwell on it, unlike many of us. Josie probably just lives each day as well as she can.

  12. As my remote office is upstairs, in Sweetie's Apartment, I too will crack windows open, while providing heated beds for her! Fresh air, plus the sounds of the outside, are good for us.
    And, as The Hubby hangs out downstairs, he won't get mad because we've got the furnace on, beds plugged in, but windows open! Hehehehe...

  13. We got a bit cool and now back to feeling the heat. Funny how a day or two of cold resets your internal thermostat to winter setting and then any heat feels oppressive. I have our beds ready to break out and will just need to decide where they go. Timmy and Toby are 13 and Rumpy is 10 so I may need to get another. Miss Fitz pays no heed to cold or heat as does Einstein. May the crew stay comfy