Friday, September 4, 2020

The Pilgrim at Rest

Yesterday, Jessel passed his third night in captivity. He demonstrated then that he is not just partially socialised, but wholly socialised.

This is a cat who, until Tuesday evening, knew me only marginally, as one of the humans who provided him with food and water. Yet, by Thursday, I was able to pick him up and hold him as I would one of my own cats. By Thursday evening, he was comfortable enough to step onto my lap and fall asleep after some minutes of chin-rubbing.

This little fellow is a very trusting cat. Furthermore, I suspect that he loves people, loves being with them. I know by the way that he reacts when I come into his temporary jail-cell – my bathroom – that he likes human company. I have no doubt that he would react well with almost any person who treated him decently and showed him kindness.

I first observed Jessel exactly three months ago, when he took advantage of the free food offered at Café Cosy. Was he new to the outside then? Had he been wandering for a while prior to that evening? He will be checked for a micro-chip when he goes to the doctor on Tuesday; if one is found, it will perhaps give some insight into his past.

Until then, it is his future that will concern me. And his immediate future will encompass safety and attention, plentiful food, clean water – and more of this.


  1. You are a brave man John..besides a caring
    If l was in your shoes, l'm afraid Jessel
    would'nt be going anywhere, yes, l know you
    can't take in all pussy~cats you encounter,
    but, those lovely photos of Jessel, anyone
    would think he'd been with you since a kitten!
    Bless the little fella..And..Yes! We all love
    our chins rubbed..! Bless! :o).

  2. It's so sad that such a sweet, friendly guy somehow wound up homeless. Thank goodness you were able to rescue someone so eminently adoptable.

  3. Jessel found the right place for food, safety, and an apparent sparkling future! Bravo!

  4. So fantastic that Jessel is so comfortable with you in this short a
    period. There may be no answer as to how such a loving cat and a
    handsome one, at that, would end up outside. Unfortunately, we see
    too much of this. Hope he can get introduced to the family once he
    has been to the vet for a check up. The pictures are telling a
    story of their own. So glad he's inside for now.

  5. What a love. Whether he stays with you or finds a forever home with someone else, I hope he gets all the love and snuggles he so deserves. ♥

  6. What a sweet cat! Jessel was obviously someone's cat at one time. Perhaps he accidentally got out and became lost. I'll look forward to hearing about his upcoming vet visit and to learning whether or not he has a microchip. Meanwhile, I'm sure he appreciates the love and care he's receiving from you.

  7. Oh such a love bug and that's such a joy to see!

  8. Ooh, that last photo is so special. The trust he has in you is so evident!

  9. Typical ragdoll behaviour hahah

  10. He is such a sweet and affectionate boy. He has a good home with you, maybe temporary or maybe not. He has certainly made himself at home.

  11. dood....18 centz anda sack oh friez sayz yur seerch for a new for everz haz ended~~~~ { 984 pawz crossed ;) ☺☺♥♥

    hope dad N joyz de next week oh vacationz N heerz two a happee healthee week two one N all ☺☺♥♥

  12. Aww nice to see him enjoying a snuggle with you.

  13. I thought I had commented yesterday, but it seems that I had not after all. That last picture is so sweet I came back to see it again. I hope the news from the Vet is all good; and that he becomes a member of your family. He is one of the prettiest cats I have seen in a long time. But most of all, he wants to be there -and shows it. I am grateful you gave him this chance. It was meant to be.

  14. I ditto what Katie said. Jessel is quite handsome and what a lover!

  15. I am so glad you rescued this sweet boy. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Polar Bear.

  16. He sure looks comfy on your lap and that shows he feels totally at ease with the love and care he is now receiving. Way to go Jessel. Only better can await you