Friday, September 11, 2020

Smooth and Soft

Due to regular meals of a good quality, clean water, a stress-reduced environment and plenty of time to devote to grooming, Jessel’s fur is becoming smooth and soft. He is conscientious in his hygiene. As a result, his hair is seen to be of a striking pattern, filled with colour, from dark puce to blond to a coppery hue. He had arrived with a flattened burr embedded in the fur of his tail, and I wasn’t able to grasp it well or long enough to pull it out; it was strongly fixed. Several days after his arrival, I came into the library early one morning to find what looked like the remnants of a cat-fight: bits of hair all over. But it was the successful conclusion of what was probably a night-long struggle against the burr. Jessel removed it on his own.

His appetite is becoming normal, I think. After initially eating all he was given, and swiftly, he is leaving small portions when he is sated. This is, I suspect, a sign that he realises his meals will be coming regularly from now on. At the other end, Jessel’s litter-box habits are excellent: he wets a decent amount once or twice a day and poops, on average, twice every three days; it is a big amount and smells strongly enough to rival Renn’s. That’s quite a boast.

In terms of food, behaviour, litter-box routines and cleanliness, my new foster-cat has shown himself an easy-going fellow who takes things as they come. This all bodes well for his eventual adoption – and suggests that Jessel has some lessons that would be good for anyone to learn.



  1. Adoption? Adoption?
    I remember saying the same thing about Neville..
    I'll predict the same thing about Jessel...
    " there to stay"..
    So John..looks like you have another pussy~cat! :).
    (fingers..legs..eyes all crossed)..
    Oh! By the way...He's lovely..! :O).

  2. Well done Jessel on getting that burr out. I know how hard they are to remove. He is a very handsome boy.

  3. What a good thing to read this morning about your newest resident! I wonder if he was a loved housecat who somehow got out? He must have been treated well I am guessing, as he is so trusting now and relaxed in his new surroundings. Rather like Katie when as she came home with me. She was and is a love bug through and through. Jessel may be the same. If they're reared that way, that is the result. That he is not neutered is odd to me though. If you're loved and cared for, why not go the whole route and have them neutered? We'll never know the story.

  4. I just feel Jessel is loving every inside moment he has now.
    Regular food, clean litter box when needed (no dirt or mud to go in),
    and soft reclining areas. The good life. All cats deserve. Glad he
    was able to extract the burr on his own. Mats are difficult to
    remove. He certainly looks comfy in his surroundings.

  5. Jessel sure is handsome. I can't help but wonder if he doesn't have a loving owner somewhere who is frantically looking for him. Since he's in such good health, I'm guessing he wasn't on the street for long.

    I really wish cats could tell us their life history. Jessel is a puzzle to me for all the reasons Katie Isabella mentioned.

  6. That sweet guy is sure enjoying being there with you!

  7. This is all such wonderful news!
    Angel Hobo, our first yard feral, one day appeared with burrs all over his back, but no matter how careful I was, he wouldn't allow me near him to try to pull them off. The next day, they were gone, so I believe Sweetie helped him to lick them out. I miss that kitty.

  8. Like Willie, (and several others who have commented about Jessel), I would like to see him to stay with you. It seems he has already settled in and has chosen the Cosy Apartment for his next home.

  9. Oh Jessel is so very handsome! I'm like the others, hoping he's found his forever home with you.

  10. Jessel is going to be a wonderful Kitty companion for someone, whether that's you or another person. 🙂

  11. Jessel will be a wonderful companion to you until (or if) he finds his new human.

  12. dood....yur coat waz awesum when we saw ya a few bak heer on de blog; we bet az cuzin daiz sayz, itz FABulous now !!! we R glad yur settlin down two roo teen N send best fishez for what liez a head ☺☺♥♥

  13. That is such good news about Jessel. He seems to be a really easy going fellow and will make a great companion for any new home