Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Return to Realland

My holidays are now over. I left Idylland today and have returned to Realland.

Despite a rocky start - Josie just getting over her urinary tract infection, Renn with a bowel bug and something hitting me, too - the holidays were enjoyable. I trapped Jessel, and he is on his way to becoming available for adoption. I was able to relax, and to sleep more than usual, though I still don’t think it’s enough. It’s my belief that the world would benefit immensely if everyone could have twenty-four hours’ uninterrupted sleep. I know I would.

Nonetheless, it is back to work tomorrow. Autumn is starting to make itself felt, as are the terrible forest fires burning in the United States. The sunlight here has been glowing with an otherworldly yellow hue for the past week. While rather beautiful, its cause is ugly, and I could easily dispense with it. As well, the air here smells like a house is in flames just down the street.

It will be hard to re-adjust to a work-schedule. I seem to fall into a holiday routine much faster – certainly more willingly – than I emerge from it. With luck, I will have my next year’s holiday at their normal time. But first, I want to get through the rest of 2020. That may be enough to keep one occupied…


  1. TBT Here: I admire and respect your efforts to take in and care for troubled cats.

    I once bought a B&W kitten form a small pet store in 1993 (when there were such Places). She needed a home. After 2 days, I discovered her eyelids were shut because she bumped into furniture. The vet said she had the worst infestation of ear-mites she had seen, and the eye-tearing was keeping her lids closed.

    They said I should return her. But I knew that would mean euthanasia. So I had the vet treat her daily for several dys and I continued for a week. It all cleared up.

    After a final checkup, the Vet's Assistant called her "Lucky Cat". I kept the initials as her name. Well, OK, she also looked like a "Little Cow", so that worked too.

    She was a happy cat for 16 years...

    1. A whole life-time given to LC because you had committed to her welfare. That's a wonderful gift.

  2. I'm sure not only me, but everyone
    else that comments will wish you
    ALL the very best John..
    You do a wonderful thing in your
    life, and what you do for those
    pussy~cats is amazing...I, like
    everyone else love to read of the
    love and care you give them..Your
    a Diamond..God Bless Ya..! :).

  3. More sleep is so welcome. I'm glad you were able to get some while you were on holiday. Even here at our home, sleep is at a premium. (for me, not HER) Welcome back to Realland.

  4. How fast your 2 weeks went. You certainly had lots of lively events to occupy your time. Makes it go even faster. The cats benefited from your attention and sorry there was not enough sleep for yourself. I hope work is not piled up waiting for you to dig through. And the cats don't spend the day wondering why you aren't home.

  5. Best of luck settling back into the work routine. It's a struggle just to return after a normal 2-day weekend, let alone 2 weeks off.

    As for elusive sleep, I'd settle for 7 solid hours a night. Six.

  6. Going back to work after time off is always a bit awful!
    Here's hoping your email and desk are full to the brim, and you'll have to work like an archaeologist to straighten everything up again.
    The smoke has reached us too, so says the news.

  7. Your post reminds me of how I used to dread going back to school after a vacation...ah, the bad old days.

    Here in California, practically the whole state is under a blanket of smoke, for who knows how long.

  8. I'm always amazed that 2 weeks in Realland go by so slowly while 2 weeks in Idylland go by in the blink of an eye. I hope your first day back at work went well, and I know the cats, (and you), are looking forward to your return home this evening.

  9. It's tough getting back into that work groove again, our Dad is glad he doesn't have to do it any more.

  10. I don't envy you returning to work after a couple of good weeks off, despite the excitement. Hopefully the transition goes smoothly.

    We've got the orange sun today with the smoke in the air. I couldn't smell it but my throat feels a bit scratchy - I didn't let it keep me from walking.

    Take care, stay well!

  11. Well, that two weeks sure flew by! I hope your first day back isn't too hard and hope the day goes quickly for you.
    Here in northern Illinois we have the hazy days of the smoke too. This morning I could smell it in the air. Feel so bad for California.

  12. Our mom has to get back into the groove, too. She's going to start to go back to work a few days a week.

  13. Your time in Idylland passed all too quickly. I hope the return to Realland went as well as could be hoped for.

  14. Dad says when he had them holidays always seemed to fly by. As he ages sleep has become more elusive so do enjoy any chance you have to enjoy it