Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Favoured Times in a Favoured Season

I enjoy the autumn. Winter with its untrodden blankets of snow and the warmth of one’s home, out of the cold, is a treasure. I like spring, as well, when the temperatures are pleasant and the greenery is bright and fresh. And summer, with its moonlit, balmy nights and sunrises of clear weather, is something to look forward to. Each season has its place in my affections.

Autumn, though, especially the first half of it, has something a little more than the others. There is a softness to nature at this time, perhaps a weariness, something that strikes a chord with me more and more as I age. The trees and the grass are ready to sleep; the sky’s blue looks rather thinner, and the sun sets earlier, urging people indoors to their homes.

The last weeks of September and the weeks of October are a favoured season, when even heat, as we are experiencing now, doesn’t bring the sultriness of July and August, but rather a softness, like floating in water of one’s own body’s temperature.

In the Cosy Apartment, the sun’s light is less dense, less yellow, and slips into the rooms at an angle, as if trying to give the residents the benefits of its last appearances this far north. The beasts this weekend took advantage of the late afternoon; they had eaten, their tummies were full, and they rested. All was quite; the windows were open to the pleasant degrees the thermometers were giving us; noises from outside, automobile traffic and children playing, were muted. The cats were content and still.

These restful moments are a favoured time, when feline quarrels are forgotten, anxiety over whether a food-bowl would arrived is dismissed, and only the comfort of home is known.

Favoured times in a favoured season don’t come every day, and when they do, we greet them as friends we appreciate. We are grateful to them.


  1. Whenever there is peace in the land...er, um...Cosy Apartment, then it is time to be grateful.

  2. I've long thought that the beautiful days of autumn are the most beautiful of any season.

    I love seeing all the cats looking so content.

  3. It does appear your cats are in their comfort zone at the moments you took the pictures. Sun and nice fresh air for them in safety. Here the temps have taken a very dark cloud cover dive and very little sun. I feel as if winter is approaching too quickly this year with little enjoyable outdoor weather already.

  4. They are all looking very content. I usually enjoy autumn, but this year Mother Nature seems to be trying to balance out the very hot and dry summer. The temperature has dropped significantly and we have had endless days of rain. Of course it could be the fact that we are going on a cruise in a couple of days time and gales are forecast! It is lucky that we are good sailors.

  5. Autumn is my favorite season too, with spring coming in a close second. I even enjoy winter, but summer, not so much, (if it gets above 65 degrees, I complain very loudly!) But anymore it seems that we go from winter to summer and back again. Spring and fall last about 5 minutes! But your cats certainly have the right idea - they appreciate each and every season.

  6. We enjoy this season best too and your sweeties look most cozy.

  7. I too love the early fall season...and mid spring. Nice temps, pretty colours and when all is at peace, so much the better. It seems your kitties feel the same way.

  8. The little upsetting thing l find about Autumn is that
    l loose the leaves off my Virginia Creeper...that surrounds
    my home..as they gradually turn to brown and gold..and
    that will begin in a week of two..! :(.

    But..as you say John..good and not so good times with
    the weather, what with all this so called climate change!
    As long as the pussy~cats have their nice 'BIG' bed and
    a little sunlight, their happy...Bless them..! :).

  9. I enjoy autumn too, but dislike that it heralds winter. There are winter days I enjoy as you describe - fresh fallen snow and the hush that falls in the quiet of the morning. It's the cold temps I could do without.
    Autumn is showy and I love the changing colors of the leaves, and so many happy memories of harvest on the farm. So I'll enjoy it while it lasts and grumble later. :)

  10. Autumn is my fave, and then Soring. Give these family members my love.